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S43 Team World


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Travis Boychuk [C]  :que: ©

Jody 3 Moons [C]  :sto: (A)

Lord Karnage [LW]  :sto:

Edwin Reencarnacion [LW]  :vhl: (A)

Milos Denis [RW]  :que:

Rift Pajodcast [C]  :sea:

Koji Yamazaki [D]  :rig:

Vladamir Komarov [D]  :dav:

Prince Gigga-Bijou [D]  :sto:

King Czar III [D]  :cal:

Fedir Okranitz [G]  :hel:

Ariel Weinstein [G]  :vhl:

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Decided to do this:


Lord Karnage (744 TPE) [LW]  :sto: - Travis Boychuk (823 TPE) [C]  :que: © - Milos Denis (461 TPE) [RW]  :que:

Edwin Reencarnacion (263 TPE) [LW]  :vhl: (A) - Jody 3 Moons (578 TPE) [C]  :sto: (A) - Rift Pajodcast (403 TPE) [C]  :sea:


Koji Yamazaki (403 TPE) [D]  :rig: - Vladamir Komarov (392 TPE) [D]  :dav:

Prince Gigga-Bijou (309 TPE) [D]  :sto: - King Czar III (332 TPE) [D]  :cal:


Fedir Okranitz (281 TPE) [G]  :hel:

Ariel Weinstein (109 TPE) [G]  :vhl:

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VHL can't throw team world one of the backup goalies from another team???







Yeah, seriously. This sim relies pretty big on goaltending, so I think we're screwed even with our powerful team.


Kind of excited to see how we play together though if 3 Moons and Boychuk go together.

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Even as a member of Team World, there's a number of reasons I'm against that:


- Team Scandinavia are facing similar problems, in fact their goalie will likely have quite a bit less TPE than ours at the time of the tournament. 


- The only current backup that would make a significant difference is Brock Waldron, and it's not exactly fair to give one team who has an inferior goalie a 400+ TPE increase at the position, but not the other. 


- The only other backup that would fit is Blake Campbell, and he's not even 100 TPE better than Okranitz. Hardly worth changing the way it's been to this point for that kind of improvement. 


- Weinstein made himself a goalie for Team World specifically because of the team's trouble at the position. Pretty messed up to say "Thanks for picking Team World to help us out, but we're going with a Team USA reject instead". 


- On the point of Weinstein, he'll be our starting goalie in future tournaments, so the issue is going to iron itself out for the next tournament. 


- Bear in mind that in Season 40, we had the same goalie but at less than half the TPE he has atm. Unlike this tournament that features a lot of younger goalies, Okranitz was by far the worst goalie in the S40 tournament, being over 300 TPE behind every other goalie. Even then, we knocked out Team Canada, the team that had the two highest TPE goalies. 

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2-2 is alright to start off, I'm just happy that the 100 TPE version of Reencarnacion that's playing in the tournament hasn't been costing us games.

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Congrats, everybody!!


We didn't win a silver or gold, but we came out of this thing with a medal and I'm proud to have captained the team to that mark.


The USA and Western Europe squads are highly talented this season, so from the beginning I had questionable hopes to beat them. I predicted USA in the beginning, and they had silver.



Sadly Travis Boychuk won't be around with the next World Cup, or even Super Cup. The next Boychuk will likely be a Canadian, unless I go another direction. It's really up for grabs at this point since I don't really care where he's from. I don't pick a country based on winning World Cups like some people do in the VHL. :lol:

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