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Savage Takes Cup to Quebec


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Savage takes Continental Cup to Quebec?


Already the Continental Cup has been making its rounds with the Seattle Bears' players. A.C. Savage had his turn and made an interesting trip. Rather than spending the day drinking out of it or whatever normal people do, Savage made a trip to Quebec. Reports indicate that Savage went to the home of the Meute's Bruno Wolf and put the Cup on display, allowing the small following of Bears' fans to accumulate on the street for Wolf to see all day. Apparently Wolf decided to leave the house at some point and run some errands, but not to be deterred, Savage followed along in his own vehicle, following Wolf throughout his errands with the Cup always hoisted or at his side. Eventually it seems this got to Wolf, as he returned home and remained inside for the rest of the afternoon. We thought this was an interesting choice, so we caught up with Savage to ask him about it.



Look, I'm out of the league after this, this is my last ride in the VHL and I want to have some fun. Wolf was a prick all season and was so outlandishly confident and cocky. I think it is hilarious to make sure he has to constantly see the reminder of what he said we'd never win - the same Cup that he was so sure that Quebec would bring home. I decided to bring it home for him and show all of his fans what a real team is capable of. All of his chirping has retreated into the shadows and rightfully so, I guess he is just tucking his tail between his legs and eating his own words right now. Maybe now he will know to keep his mouth shut and stop writing checks that he can't cash. Everyone else can do whatever they want with the Cup, but for me, giving Wolf a hard time is the perfect ending for this season.


Some rumored other events that took place with the Cup:


Phil Villeneuve allegedly filmed a hardcore adult film INSIDE of the Cup. No official videos have surfaced yet, but we have no idea how this would even be possible. The worst bit of this rumor: He wasn't the last one to have it.


Rift Pajodcast went with the typical route, eating all of his meals from the Cup. The only reason we mention this is that he had the Cup after Phil.


Niklaus Mikaelson apparently filled the Cup with blood and drank from it for an entire day. Luckily for him, it was before Phil's day, but unfortunately for Phil and the girls and guys involved in his video - it was filled with untested and likely unsafe blood beforehand.


Pablo Escabar reportedly tried to officially marry the Cup and almost succeeded until his passed out witness, James Faraday, came to and realized he couldn't allow it to happen. Escabar said he loved the Cup and knew he would lose it if he didn't lock it down now.


Brady Stropko scheduled a time to spend with the Cup, but he never showed up to pick it up. James Faraday came in and took the Cup instead and held onto it for two days. He passed it on to Edwin Reencarnacion, who currently holds it hostage in hopes of bargaining it into the GM spot of the Bears for his agent, Ron Dayne III, a former running black.


Faraday has yet to realize that Edwin isn't and hasn't been on the team.


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