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Faraday Releasing Hit After Hit

James Faraday took no prisoners in the playoffs en route to the Seattle Bears winning their first cup since Season 28. Faraday was going absolutely nuts on the ice, and his playoff mustache was in full form when he lifted the cup in celebration. It wasn't just the thick stache that was intimidating players on Toronto, Quebec and Cologne though. Faraday had a playoffs to remember, leading all players in hits with 80. That's an average of 5 hits per game, coming from a player who was known only for his scoring in Helsinki. Reinventing your game can come at a cost as Faraday dropped down to only 64 points in the regular season, down from 98 the season before. It doesn't matter now because he's a winner.


Trade Was Worth It

Bushito made a big deal in the off-season acquiring James Faraday for S44 1st, S45 1st and S45 2nd. A high price to pay, but he acquired a player who wanted to be a part of the Bears. It's all worth it now since Seattle won.


Bear Cup Hierarchy

Cup presented to Phil Villenuve. That's a top leader award attribute.


Goalie for Playoff MVP

Mikaelson silenced all the doubters and haters, winning series after series as underdogs. Give the man the Playoff MVP award with a unanimous vote, it's deserved.


Second Line, Best Line

Pajoder, Strauss and Stropko were a beastly line for the Bears cup run. They showed up all the other second lines in the league. It was night and day. They are all still gooned from cup winning celebrations


A Deep D Dominates

Toronto, Quebec and Cologne found out the hard way about the deep defense in Seattle. Running four big rigs on the point with Samuelsson, Escabar, Karlsson and Villie. All four of them were tarpless only 30 minutes after winning.


Higgins Takes All GM Credit For Cup


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Hmm I thought you were going to. Cause you did that last time you won.


What is that I detect? Jealousy? With the "What are your lines? I want to copy the strats and for us it should work because we are better than you at every position" argument, how could one not be jealous right? Just so sad you couldn't win one with your current player. Oh well, off to the rebuild you go then.

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