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Claimed:VHLM Power Rankings: Week 2 [Reviewed]


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You know the deal. 



Картинки по запросу junior ice hockey team


*Da Youngstas*



1. :ssk:Saskatoon Wild:ssk:  ▲ +2

(GM: @ADwyer87)


This team should be the most completed team right now after a trade with Oslo. This team went 9-0 after a loss against Moscow and I'm sure it's going to be 10-0 after Yukon. At this moment Sasky looks pretty dominant despite of some hard battles against Bratislava. Is this gonna be a Sasky's year? Will see after the trade deadline, when we with Adwyer will create second players and after Morgan will be traded to...(?)


2. :brm:Brampton Blades:brm: ▲ +2

(GM: @Smarch)


Smarch traded all his best players, but somehow the Blades are still fighting for NA's top spot. A relatively easy schedule with Fekete's FO skill really helps this team to stay relevant. Maybe Chirs should've tried to stay at least semi-active? The Blades currently are on 5-0 streak, but that might end today against Bern. Anyway, this is a biggest surprise so far.


3. :mos: Moscow Red Wolves:mos: ▼ -1

(GM: @Gunner)


Moscow indeed went down in the power ranking, but they still tops the EU conference. This team isn't the most consistent, but neither is Bern and Bratislava and with addition of Jigglejawns and Akerfeldt Moscow is going to be pain in the ass for every VHLM team. The next 3 games will answer to a question: is Moscow ready to throw Saskatoon out of the top?


4. :yuk:Yukon Rush:yuk: ▲ +4

(GM: @Streetlight)


Dat moment when you trade your besties and your team gets more wins, than before trades. Another surprise in this list and I believe this is even a bigger one, than Brampton. They had some loses after the first week's PR, but then they went 5-2 in 7 games, 6 of them were against the COMPETITORS! Only a loss against Oslo looks weird, but Rush's preformance proves that depth can do big things. 


5. :brt:Bratislava Watchmen:brt: ▲ +2

(GM: @doesn'tknowshowtomakegoodlines337)


We were 1-6 team, but then 7-2 record put Bratislava back in EU's TOP 3. After that, Moscow and Saskatoon showed to us, why PK is so important at top junior level. You can't expect something big with 73,86% PK and this might be our Achilles' heel, because I'm failing to make good PK lines. Our FO is mediocre as well, but that shouldn't be a problem after trade deadline, if you know what I'm talking about. Hoping for better days, you know. 


6. :ber:Bern Royals:ber: ▼ -5

(GM: @Mr. Jones)


This team went 6-6 after my first PR edition, but even the neutral record is ''good enough'' to drop hard from the top. It happens mainly because of Yukon - that team somehow finds the keys to Bern's defence and goalie...I'm sorry, I lied about somehow. It's not going to work with one Barnyashev in back - Worboy isn't good even for the VHLM. The only question, however is: when Trifecta is going to bring Edwin to Bern? 


7. :osl:Oslo Storm:osl: ▼ -1

(GM: @TheLastOlympian07)


A trade with the Wild says itself: Oslo is folding cards, even though they are still ahead of Bratislava. But that shouldn't be for a long time, especially after Threencarnation will be traded to Bern (seriously, only Royals needs a goalie). After that, it's up to R-Truth and Nielsen to collect points in rebuilding team. 


8. :ott: Ottawa Lynx:ott: ▼ -3

(GM: @JardyB10)


Well, that's it for Ottawa. I got Pettyfer and Jiggle with Joanna went to Moscow, so it's not a big surprise. They even managed to give up 9 goals to Yukon, nuff said. Good luck with rebuild! 



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Review: Good Rankings. The formatting is easy to read and the grammar and spelling are on point. Very weird year in the VHLM though, only 1 maybe 2 contenders this year, however weirder things have happened.

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