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What's Next for Holik?


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In a heartbreaking 3-2 loss in Overtime the reverse sweep chances of the Seattle Bears were dashed as the Bears team that keeps getting so close was once again shut down in the Conference Finals. It's a bitter pill to swallow for veteran goaltender Jakab Holik who has been with the club since this push started. While he has backstopped the team to consecutive victory cups (and a potential Shaw for himself this season) it has not translated into the continental cup that he, and the rest of the team, so craved.


With several retirements and an aging core this was likely the last chance for the Bears before being forced into a rebuild; certainly not the way they wanted to go out. For Holik it marks a turning point. After being drafted by Davos in S48 and subsequently traded to Seattle 1 season later he re-signed with the team rather than letting his contract run out. He has been there ever since, slowly making his case among the league's elite. That contract he signed, however, is coming to an end. At the conclusion of Season 53 Holik will be a Free Agent which leaves him with some tough choices. Looking for a home on a contending team means very few options on the open market but re-signing in Seattle means sitting through a rebuild for his final two seasons. It's likely we will be seeing Holik, and potentially several other Bears, wearing different jerseys next season. The question is, what logo will they have?


*For Sokolov (it makes no sense but I did Holik's already)

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