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Claimed: MVP Outlook? [1/2]


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It's never too early to look at the MVP race. We are only 10-12 games in to the season depending on when this article gets posted but we are starting to see the standings take shape. Riga, Toronto and Seattle appear to be the front runners right now and it doesn't seem too early to say as much. When it comes to individual players and their performances though it always seems a bit early. Never the less there are a few MVP canddiates showing up already.


The first name is, without a doubt, Shawn Gretzky. He is leading the league in points with 22 in 12 games and is finally show casing the talent he has had this whole time. He has a +/- of +10 while notching only 2 hits so far he is a mostly one dimentinal player but that has worked in the past in terms of league wide awards. He will likely have to create some sort of seperation to win, but if Gretzky can continue being the best player on the best team he will be an easy candidate for MVP.


John Locke is having another supberg season in Riga. he has 21 points in 11 games while managing to be a solid two way player. He has 17 hits and 7 blocked shots while playing almost 2 less minutes then Gretzky. Riga is a much more well rounded team then Seattle so his numbers could take a hit if his ice time doesn't increase. Never the less he also benefits from lesser matchups while playing on the teams second line this year again. Locke will have a hard time winning MVP due to this but he certainly will be among the names discussed.


Lee King Snatch is Toronto's most valuable player early this year with 21 points in just 10 games. A veteran presence he has shown his experience has mattered so far with a stellar shooting percentage thus far at 14.06 percent, far better then the other two mentioned. He is also so far a power play beast with 4 goals with the man advantage. Lee King Snatch is in his last season as he is retiring and I think it would be a hell of a way to end his career. Would not be surprised if he gets something of a sentimental vote due to it being his last season assuming he keeps up this pace.


There is no Alexander Thrower type this year killing it at defense but Pablo has probably been the best defenseman so far. A real offensive force for the Legion he has 15 points in 10 games while also working to shut down the other teams top players on a regular basis. 20 hits is among the best on his team while his 18 blocked shots goes to show just how difficult he has been to play against. I'm usually partial to defenseman so I may  have to give a bit of a shotout to Pablo here and say he's my early favorite.


If we are to take the defintiion of MVP literally then goalies should almost always win the award. Rhett DeGrath moved from Davos to a contedner this year in New York and is looking to lead his young team to a shocking turn around. He has a 7-2-2 record and a 9.31 save percentage so far and yet he may not be the best goalie so far. Torstein Ironside of the Toronto Legion has a 8-2-0 record and an equal .931 save percentage but his goals agaisnt average is sitting at just 1.50 which is obviously not sustinable. Ironside also already has four amazing shutouts and is looking to be on pace for a near historical season.

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2 hours ago, hedgehog337 said:

That feeling when your player also scored 21 points, but not mentioned in this article 9Cbddty.png


Meh people aren't gonna vote for your player out of spite nothing I can do about it

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LKS has definitely been a nice surprise in Toronto. I expected him to produce well with Boeser, but not this well. :P Definitely carried the team throughout the first 10 games before Boeser started getting hot, and even Pablo has been playing very well, and better than Sokolov. Trade is paying off so far.

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