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Claimed:The Awful Podcast #2 - On Short Notice (with Boom and Higgins)

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This episode contains:

- Trade Deadline possibilities

- Skylar Rift retirement

- VHL Playoff Race discussion

- Regrets and goals

- Awkward tension

- An awkward ending


and slightly more!


Featured song: "Unconditional Love" by Against Me!

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Context: 3/3 - Yeah, Cologne's season has been interesting in a bad way. Sucks to see this happen to Cologne again. It may end up being the Meute and Davos, but you can't rule out the Legion and the Titans. Based on Higgins's and other's comments, seem like we may have a changing of the guard in the VHL soon. The only team that really truly sucks is Calgary. Everyone else not in a playoff position has some sort of future. Someone's gotta lay down the law Boom. Pretty good first draft choice Higgins. 


Professionalism: 2/2 - Uh huh.


Editing: 1/1 - Nice music.


Overall: 6/6

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