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Mag no more. Now named... [1/2]


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The Mag is no more. It is a Portal piece. So why call it a mag? that is like calling a plane a car. It's not car so fuck off. I am the editor so let me do what i do. Now mind you no one right now is telling me what I can and cannot do. But I got the strong feeling that after the first few additions of this project we call a mag the so called "honeymoon" will be over. So why wait that long. I have never been a person known to shy away from ruffling feathers. I in fact enjoy it. So starting as of right now. Do not call the "Mag" the mag anymore. From here on out it is now named "Autograph" Call it VHL Autograph all you may. I don't really give a rats ass. 


I got three trusty writers in my pocket that will write good strong articles. Give you the reader the shit you want to read and hear about. Sure that's all good and dandy. But what do I have up my sleeve. We all know that I cannot just sit back and let others do the talking or in this case writing. So on that note I will continue with my In Your Face article and a few other side articles to act as filler. One will be more like a note from the editor but Robbie style. Other things will work themselves out I'm sure. 


Autograph will be the source of VHL news. Where you will want to go and check out what is going on. Trade Rumors, News, New Prospects, Mock Drafts, Draft analysis and much much more. I want to keep it league related, but not too league related. If that makes sense. If it doesn't well... I don't really care. As I am writing this article I got another writer on board and that makes Autograph slowly growing. It will be movement. One that people will know of and not ignore. Not like the forgotten Mag. It was sad and dead. It was a zombie. It has now risen from death and is fully alive. No that is not a religious reference because well... FUCK GOD!


I want Autograph to inform but also be about controversy. I do not expect people to side with everything we say. We expect people to be up in arms about a lot of it. I for one look forward to people complaining to me. Why? because I will ignore it. Old editors gave up because of these babies. I will just simply send them a message saying thanks for their shitty advice and it has been placed where it belongs which is the trash. It will be the same message for everyone. No matter how many times you message me I will respond with equal amount of replies with the same message. You want to annoy the annoyer? well we will see who will win that one. But I think that is the end of this MS. 


Oh one last thing. Autograph drops Saturday. If you have not asked to be a writer by then you will be met with a "fuck you" at every attempt you make from there. Have a good night. 

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