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Small shout out

Da Trifecta

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Shout out to some members who have made the VHL fun again for me.


@Kendrick: I know you weren't on board for me joining the recruitment crew and I have been slacking recently, but it seems like we don't dislike each other as much as we used to do.


@Bushito: It's always fun to be on a team with you. Whether you are the GM of the team or not, things just seem to be more fun when you are around.


@Beaviss: Thanks for being the new gen who wanted to come in and inspire change throughout the league. It's always a breath of fresh air when a new member comes around and sticks it out and wants to be a productive member of the community.


@Beketov: Things have gotten better between us as well. From me dropping into your cod stream every once in awhile to attempting to troll you on certain occasions.


@Higgins: You like Bushito are fun to have around, when you are active of course. Whether you are just a teammate who takes over as an interim GM to help win a cup, or you are the GM who is behind a back to back. Point being, thanks for taking the chance on Moon.

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