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Extra TPE - Portal Help


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I'm looking for a few people, 3-4 would be ideal, to help me out with my next addition to the VHL Portal. 


The job is, basically, data entry. I need some people to help me take certain information from the forum and enter it into the Portal. It's very easy to do, you'll just need to have an account on the Portal and I'll give you access to the admin and you'll be able to enter it there. 


The pay for this is going to be a mix of capped and uncapped TPE, the exact amount will depend on how much an individual does/how long it takes. But it will be fair and I think you will enjoy helping out with this cool project. 


If you're interested let me know and I will contact you via PM 


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I'm off for the next two days if you have stuff for me to do :lol:


(besides, I need that admin permission for the vhlm mag anyway)

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23 minutes ago, JohnnyT_77 said:

I realize this is an old post, but I'd be interested in doing this if there is still a need. 

It’s basically all done for right now. Was for setting up the Hallnof Fame initially so everything needed to be created. Now it’s just maintenance which is much easier. Will keep the offer in mind if / when we need to build anything new though.

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