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First Generation Bonus Alert


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This week on VHL.com, we highlight three VHLM players who recently eclipsed the 100 TPE mark and earned their "first-generation bonus"

July 27, 2019


1. Kaspars Claude - W @Bruins10


The left winger from the Minnesota Storm has been putting in the work over the past two weeks and really bursting on to the scene. He has posted 5 goals and 3 assists in 25 games played for the Storm. He seems to possess some natural scoring ability and was a dynamic producer as a member of the Boston University Terriers in the NCAA. There is a buzz generating around Claude.


2. Bruce Grimaldi - G @Psyduck77


The starting goaltender for the San Diego Marlins. His stats leave something to be desired (7 wins in 26 games played), but he continues to improve and doesn't currently have the best supporting cast around him. Still a raw prospect and goaltenders take a longer time to come into their own, but Grimaldi definitely has a ton of potential. His posted rookie profile quotes this about Grimaldi: "It’s not irregular to see Grimaldi at the rink two hours after everyone else has left. He has a drive within him that is rarely seen, and it seems that he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals." 


3 - Chad Gilbert - C @Fire_In_Babylon


Chad Gilbert is the next on the list who recently eclipsed the 100 TPE mark. Gilbert has ideal VHL size at 6'4 and 215 pounds and is already one of the better face-off men in the VHLM. He only has registered one goal and four assists in his 22 games played for the San Diego Marlins; but as mentioned with Grimaldi, the team as a whole is struggling. Everyone should be keeping an eye on this American born winger. 

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