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Mid-Season VHL S68 Mock Draft


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Mid-Season Mock Draft


With the mid-season mark quickly approaching, the season of the mock draft is here. The VHL has seen a few drafts in a row that are chalk full of talent, and this year’s S68 draft should prove to be no different. With 34 players already going over the 100 TPE mark, with plenty of others primed to hit it in the next few weeks, teams will be getting some really solid prospect depth. For the third year in a row, it looks like the VHL will be getting lots of capped players being drafted. Does this give a need for expansion? Many would be able to make a case for that. But that’s a media spot for another week! Let’s get to the mock! Today I’ll just be covering who I believe will go top three, with more to follow in the next few days/week.  


1st overall,  :mal:Malmo Nighthawks, D Condor Adrienne

Image result for erik karlsson


Just like last year, the gap between the top ranked player and 2nd ranked is large. Adrienne has about 35 TPE more than the next best, and Malmo is in the market now for best player available. The Nighthawks, in their sophomore season, are struggling but have the youth and talent to put together a formidable team in a few more seasons. Their oldest player is a S61 Mikka Pajari, but other than that they have mostly 1st, 2nd and 3rd year players. Adrienne is having a great year with the dominate Reapers of the VHLM, scoring over a point per game and throwing the body around, averaging two hits per game. He’ll be an instant impact defender for the Nighthawks, slotting in at #4 of 5 on their depth chart.



2nd overall, :nya: New York Americans, D Lance Flowers

Image result for nhl defenseman usa


CowboyinAmerica is back, and a franchise that needs a hero could be in luck. The American’s have by my quik count, eleven inactive skaters and three inactive goalies. They desperately need some players who will stick it out and need to churn out some skilled players. CIA obviously has had success building in the past (see Gabriel McAllister). His current player, Lance Flowers, has been earning like crazy and has had some personal success with Yukon. He’ll be over 300 TPE and will slot in as the number one defender TPE wise on a graveyard of a team.


3rd overall,  :hcd: HC Davos Dynamo,  Teemu Lehtinen Jr

Image result for kappo kakko


This is where the draft starts to get tight, with the separation between player #2 and #3 being over 50 TPE. But fear not, teams picking number three to ten (honestly, well beyond ten), you’re going to get some really solid players who will contribute for you. At third, I’ve got Teemu Lehtinen Jr. He’s had a terrific first half of the season, scoring twenty goals and adding nineteen assists for Mexico City. After just two goals in twenty-six games last year, he’s taken off in a big way. Look for Lehtinen Jr. to flirt with fourty goals this season.

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4 hours ago, Jtv123 said:

Don't call my team a graveyard! Our young players are coming up!


Didnt look at prospects lol but I’ll take your word for it!

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