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VHL Cake Day


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365 days have passed since joining the VHL by way of a Reddit post on r/DetroitRedWings. Thanks @Spade18 for adding to my addiction for online fantasy and sim sports. Being a part of this community as with anything in real life has had its moments but for the most part the experience has been incredible. Just one year ago; the VHL Discord was just getting off the ground, there were two+ less teams in each league and the all powerful starlord himself @DilIsPickle was two months out from joining.

I was fortunate enough to land an AGM job fairly early on with Vegas and transitioned that into a GM role. From there the opportunities seemed endless. Borwinn passed 1000 TPE in June during an incredible season 66 campaign both for him and the reigning champion Helsinki Titans. At the moment I hold a position with the Philly Reapers alongside my partner in crime @BladeMaiden. We have had the opportunity to create our own tight-knit community in Philly and have drafted several top notch members. Assisting new recruits and watching them blossom into active members of the user-base is the most rewarding and humbling experience as this leads to the betterment of the populace as a whole.

For those new to the site and eager to move up the ranks; just keep at it, put forth the time and effort that you are able to and watch as your player and personal achievements come to fruition. As my next 365 day cycle begins, I look forward to what the next year brings and how VHLForum will continue to expand and adapt to it's ever-increasing user-base.

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