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Philly people (Gows and such)

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I will be in Philly this weekend (the actual city itself) for the Hot Chocolate 15k, as well as its expo. The expo is Saturday until 5:30, and I'll most likely be toward the end of that time (I have to go from Pittsburgh out to Phoenixville to meet up with my sister, then my brother in law will be taking all of us out to Philly from Phoenixville, so most of Saturday will be in the car). The race itself is Sunday morning, starting at the steps of the art museum. While most of the trip I'll still end up being in Phoenixville, during those two times I'll be in the city proper.

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If I was at home I might be able to meet up or something as I'm only like 10-15 minutes away from Phoenixville, but I'm up at school in Reading so I'm not really close to Phoenixville or Philly right now.


I'm 15 minutes away from this dude at any given time on weekends.  :o

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