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Pre-Draft Analysis (Part 2)


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     So with Malmo now completed for team analysis, we move on to #2 in the draft order:




     The Veterans:

     S63 - Chase Trepanier - 270 TPA - LW

//Chase is not only a vet, he's inactive as well. However he sit's rather low on NYA's depth chart so despite needing replaced, his loss is not a huge hit to the franchise.

     S63 - Kisshan Shan - 337 TPA - RW

//Despite the relatively low TPA, Shan ranks 6th highest in the program for TPA among all players. Immediately we see a need for offense in NY without even reaching the list of pure inactives.

     The Inactives:

     S66 - Edgar Tannahill - 199 TPA - LW

//Another winger dead in the water, however almost any player drafted at this position in the first 2-3 rounds will come into the program with more TPE than Tannahill, making him an insignificant loss.

     S64 - Kyson Blake - 319 TPA - D

//Blake is a quik offensive defenseman that plays like a winger at defense. Not well. Despite the decent TPA for the program his liability on defense makes his inactivity a blessing in disguise almost, especially with depreciation rolling in now. Even a late round defenseman should provide better than -26 on the backend.

     S66 - Ludvig Sederstrom - 235 TPA - C

//As the fourth forward NY has seen vanish from their core, It's becoming more and more apparent where the organization's troubles arise from. On the bright side, Sederstrom is a center with 60 FO, making almost any replacement a better fit for the position.

     S66 - Maximilian Kirbsson - 275 TPA - C

//Another non-center center, Kirbsson has a 50 FO stat and invisible impact. NYA's forward core appears to be nonexistent.

     S67 - RJ Lloris - 200 TPA - RW

//Forward bad.

     S66 - Walter Clements - 267 TPA - C

//Is New York where forwards go to die or is this program run off of FA inactives?

     S66- Kolur Bjonernsson - 294 TPA - G

//Now this is actually upsetting, a promising starting goalie gone inactive. This will become a need very quickly for the program however with so many other holes to fill it's not the top priority, especially with Gunnarsson on the up and up.


     With 9 players gone inac or entering the last days of their career, NYA is left with an active roster of:

S67 - ACL TEAR - 515 TPA - RW

S66 - Aleksander Rodriguez - 454 TPA - RW

S66 - Blake Laughton - 300 TPA - RW

S67 - Boris the Forest - 465 TPA  - C

S67 - Guy LeGrande - 435 TPA - D

S66 - Nethila Dissanayake - 380 TPA - RW

S64 - Piotr Jerwa - 499 TPA - D

S67 - Thorvald Gunnarsson - 200 TPA (83 Banked) - G


     Which means NY is running with 4 RWs, no LWs, 1 C, 2 D, and a goalie. Not a single player has passed 600 TPE,  leaving effectively a roster of rookies and hacks. This ultimately leaves NYA with this hierarchy of needs:


Dude just, fuck, you guys have 1 center. One. That's like really bad. Fix that.


Some of your strongest players are on defense, that's good. You only have two of them, that's bad. You can probably afford to take a later round defenseman as a trade off to filling your gaping offensive holes.


You have enough active wingers for 2 lines, take them if they're your best option without stretching but not even close to the biggest concern.


Gunnarsson is good, get a backup in FA or run with who you have.


     That TO ME, makes the 2nd overall pick a bit of a surprise but A necessary one for New York's program. At 2nd overall, the New York Americans will select:

:nya:FRANS ELLER:nya:


     Why Frans Eller? Eller currently has 270 TPE, 70 of which is banked. Not only does this give NY a "VHL ready" center right out the gate, it gives the GM a chance to influence the players build in a way that will best help the program. You're taking a sizable TPE cut from Lance Flowers, who has roughly 60 TPE more, but the need of the program is in such a dire position that taking that cut not only seems necessary, it seems like the best option. You don't have to agree with my picks, but that's what I would do in NY's position.


     This is a VHL.com article but it's long so I posted it here.


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4 minutes ago, jack said:

Frans has 270 tpe, the 70 is included in the total.

Error on my part, I wasn't paying close enough attention


edit: only furthers the argument thought, it's an even smaller TPE gap between Eller and Flowers than I had initially thought.

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4 hours ago, Jtv123 said:

So someone who is active is only strictly based off if he's updating lol?  Maybe there is a reason? We don't want to be all like Beaviss lmao

When I’m looking at the member as their PLAYER and not their PERSON, yeah strictly off of updating determined activity.

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1 hour ago, ColeMrtz21 said:

When I’m looking at the member as their PLAYER and not their PERSON, yeah strictly off of updating determined activity.

Yep, sitting and talking in the discord is its own value in a way, but it produces no tangible effect in the sim

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