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Kristopher McDagg "The Scouting Report" [2/2]


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Kristopher McDagg - The Scouting Report

Scouting report by Scout Ryan van Meier


All of this info is valid from September 23rd, 2019. If not valid, you are reading this later after it was published.


Kristopher McDagg is a 6'5" 190lbs Power forward who was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He currently is playing for his hometown team. McDagg is a solid defender on the ice, even though he is a power forward. He can hit, and also he can put the puck in the back of the net. He scored the first game of the season for Saskatoon. McDagg once had this to say... "McDagg. Get used to that name, you'll hear it a lot." The kid's pros and cons are pretty even. Pro #1 - Defense. McDagg can be your defending 2nd/3rd line LW. The guy is big and isn't afraid through his body down to make a stop for his team to get the W. Pro #2 - Checking. McDagg, like I said, isn't afraid to through is body around. McDagg LOVES to give people a good hit. At 6'5", who wouldn't be? This kid at 19 years old is actually a pretty solid scorer. Oh, that reminds me! Pro #3 - Scoring. McDagg is a solid scorer, but don't expect him to get 40 goals. He may crack 30 a couple times, but that's not his main focus.               

McDagg has some weaknesses too. Con #1 - Leadership. McDagg doesn't want to be a captain, never did! He lacks leadership, though, in ways other than captaincy. He won't motivate people or be that guy who just wants to make his teammates always happy. Con #2 - Fighting. As a power forward he really isn't that great of a fighter. He'll get under your skin, sure! But he'll not likely get in a scrap with you. Finally, Con #3 - Discipline. If he takes a penalty, he'll no doubt be called for it. He just isn't the kind of guy to take penalties. He is very cautious on the ice, so it should be a big problem.


The Pros and Cons not included...


McDagg can't take a penalty shot, or a faceoff either. He really isn't good at either of those. McDagg is a great puck handler, and a strong guy though. Those make up for him not being able to do any of the other things. He is neutral in skating and passing since he just wants to focus on becoming a better power forward for Saskatoon. He says that he will do anything to become a good player for Saskatoon. McDagg will improve on anything his team, from fans, to teammates, to management, tell him to do to become the best player he can be, or that his team wants him to be. Another plus is that McDagg will fit well into any locker room! Great morale, and would love to get drafted by New York to play with his buddies Fredrik Elmebeck, and Dalton Wilcox. McDagg will struggle in a locker room if he doesn't like the atmosphere, the teams overall performance, or the GM's coaching tactics. In Saskatoon, they are struggling, but he doesn't think they will stay in this slump. McDagg is a very positive player.


That was Kristopher McDagg's scouting report and ONE TIME rookie profile as of September 23rd, 2019. This scout report was written and scouted by Ryan van Meier.

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Edit: I meant to say Scouting report, not rookie profile
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I feel like what you wrote could've been more uniformed, but the information you provided is really good and insightful. I like how you decided to creative an uncommon and unique player because most people would've chosen an offensive defenseman. Very good!

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Review: I think how you formatted the Rookie Profile like a Scouting Report is definitely pretty neat! A Power Forward is definitely a cool archetype of a player to go for and I think McDagg will thrive in it. His pros and cons certainly define the role he's pursuing along with the added addition of being a great locker player. My only thing is just a picture to go along with it so that the reader can REALLY feel that hit haha Good job!

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Kristopher McDagg "The Scouting Report" [2/2]

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