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  1. Quinn Hughes was drafted 7th overall by the Vancouver Canucks in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. Cale Makar was drafted 4th overall by the Colorado Avalanche in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. Makar and Hughes are both offensively minded defenseman who're both considerably small as well. Quinn Hughes played for the University of Michigan and was able to compile 33 points in 32 games in his second season which amounts to more than a point per game. He is known to be a very elite offensive defenseman who can make smart plays with lot's of ease. His +/- in the NCAA with the University of Michigan was -2. Since he has a very small build, it's hard for him to be able to stay on the puck. He's going to need to work on holding his ground as player so he doesn't get the puck taken away from him consistently. He recently moved over into the NHL to play with the Vancouver Canucks. He has 1 point in 2 games which is considerably good considering he got placed into the NHL right away. Having that small amount of NHL experience will help him get acclimated for next season. He is definitely going to be an exciting player in the coming of years! (FUN FACT: When he went to the Draft Combine, he requested that they don't take his height or weight so that in the draft they don't pick over him because of his size.) Cale Makar is currently playing with the University of Massachusetts (Amherst). In his first season as a minutemen, he was able to compile 21points in 34 games.In his second season as a minutemen, he has been able to compile 48 points in 39 games this season (counting the playoffs). He has led his team from being a subpar ice hockey team into a competitive, championship contender. He has surely gotten a lot of leadership experience considering they made him captain of the UMass Minutemen ice hockey team. Before he went to UMass, he got the opportunity to be one of the best defensemen at the U-20 WJC. Makar got 8 points in 7 games during that time. (To any Avs fans out there, once he's done in the playoffs, he could possibly join the Avalanche lineup. He would hopefully make an impact on our team!) To sum up this article, they're both really good, exciting young players. They have a simiular build and they both are offensively minded defensemen. Hughes got 2 years of college experience, and Makar got the same as well. We will see how both of these players flourish throughout their professional hockey careers. You might see one of them win the Calder Memorial Trophy next year! The NHL is definitely shaping into a place where young talent can come in and find their place. Please support me by liking it! - Nathan MacKinnon
  2. Oh, hell no. At least Detroit has Jonathan Bernier and Mike Green. Craig Anderson's time is almost up, and Thomas Chabot is basically their best defenseman now.
  3. (I decided to do an update because their franchise player just got traded. If you liked this piece of content, hit the like button!) The Senators are in a complete hell hole that is sure to become a lot worse. Two seasons ago, the Ottawa Senators made it deep into the playoffs with no indication of trouble, whatsoever. Last season in November, Ottawa, Colorado, and Nashville decided to do a blockbuster, three-way deal. Nashville got Kyle Turris, Ottawa got Matt Duchene, and Colorado got quite the package that included Samuel Girard, Shane Bowers, and OTT's 1st round pick (just to name a few). Little did Ottawa know is that they gave away a decent top 6 forward in Shane Bowers and a 1st round pick that is worth a lot more than it was worth at the beginning of last season. Now, if you haven't heard yet, Ottawa recently just traded Erik Karlsson for a package of assets and several players. You need to look at what they exactly got. Pierre Dorion strikes again, and got fleeced. Also, if you haven't recently heard, Duchene said that he'd have to wait and see what Erik Karlsson does. Uh, Matt Duchene, Erik Karlsson just got traded so I'd assume that you'd be leaving as well (getting traded or heading off to free agency). If Duchene leaves, Stone is probably leaving as well. That leaves OTT with basically Chabot and Brady Tkachuk. Oh, one more thing, Pierre Dorion traded away Mike Hoffman for literally nothing. Let's analyze what the Ottawa Senators currently have, and we will go from there. They CURRENTLY have Mark Stone, Matt Duchene, Thomas Chabot, Brady Tkachuk, and future roster player, Logan Brown. That's very bad if you ask me. Detroit and Montreal are probably a lot better than Ottawa now. They decided to trade away Erik Karlsson who would've at least carried the Ottawa Senators. Their organization is very, very sad right now. The Ottawa Senators staff is trying to make their package of assets sound like something good. The return Ottawa got is not even close to how much EK is actually worth. We don't know if EK is going to sign an extension with San Jose, but still, that trade was horrific. We will have to see how every pans out, but the way it's looking right now is that Colorado has a great shot at the 1st overall pick this year. Comment down below how badly you think Ottawa will do!
  4. (Since all of you guys seemed to really enjoy the first top NHL players points prediction, I decided I’d do another one. I hope you guys enjoy this one just as much! Let’s get on with the topic!) The NHL season is about to start and we are all hyped to see which players will attain the most points throughout the whole entire season. We are going to predict several more of the top NHL players’ point totals that they will have at the end of this upcoming season. The players we will be doing are Evgeni Kuznetsov, Patrice Bergeron, Patrick Kane, Vladimir Taresenko, Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn, and lastly, Johnny Gaudreau. I also like you guys’ predictions as well! Let’s get some reader engagement in the comments! EVGENI KUZNETSOV (67 points) - Evgeni Kuznetsov exploded last year. He also won the Stanley Cup with his line mates Alexander Ovechkin and Niklas Backstrom. Kuznetsov is usually not in the spotlight because of his teammate Alexander Ovechkin. Last season, Kuznetsov managed to get a point total of 83 points. That may seem like a lot, but he hasn’t been consistent throughout his past NHL seasons. I also don’t see Washington to make it deep again in the playoffs. I gave Kuznetsov a reasonable total of 67 points. You can all say that is too low, but it’s actually not if you look at his previous point totals from several seasons ago. PATRICE BERGERON (70 points) - Last year Patrice Bergeron managed to get a point total of 63 points. You all know him as the two-way guy who plays a two-way game. Which he is, but he’s also a goal scorer versus a passer if you look at all of his previous NHL stats. He doesn’t get a ton of points every season like you’d expect somebody of his caliber to get. I think Boston has the pieces of make a very serious Cup run this upcoming season. I think that Bergeron is going to be a heavy contributor so I’m saying he’s going to get 70 points which would be his highest point total in one season. PATRICK KANE (79 points) - Patrick Kane managed to attain a point total of 76 points. That’s a pretty modest point total compared to his point totals in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons. The Chicago Blackhawks are currently in a little bit of a rebuild because their whole team has gotten a lot older and slower. They did recently get Adam Boqvist who is sure to one day make their team. The Blackhawks also have rising star, Alex Debrincat, who is sure to play a key role in the Chicago Blackhawks organization. Chicago shouldn’t be in a huge stump this year, so Patrick Kane’s point total will go up a bit. VLADIMIR TARESENKO (73 points) - Vladimir Taresenko has always been a goal scorer instead of playmaker. He and his team didn’t do too well last season as Taresenko managed to only get 66 points. 66 points is quite modest for Taresenko because if you’ve seen his past seasons point totals, they have always been around the 70 points area. I think the addition of Ryan O’Reilly should really help boost the St. Louis Blues as a whole. If the St. Louis Blues are boosted then Vladimir Taresenko should be too, including his point totals. TYLER SEGUIN (70 points) - I think Tyler Seguin’s point totals are going to drop from last year because he’s probably worrying about a contract extension. I know it won’t make his point totals drop heavily, but it could potentially be a factor. He plays with Jamie Benn which elevates his game and vice-versa. Dallas won’t be amazing next year, but you never know. JAMIE BENN (80 points) - Jamie Benn is an elite goal scorer who plays with Tyler Seguin. His point totals the past two seasons have been mediocre considering how much he has produced in the past. He is going to get around 80 points because he’s one of the top NHLers, but not as widely known as somebody like Crosby or McDavid. JOHNNY GAUDREAU (90 points) - Johnny Gaudreau reached a personal high of 84 points which is very impressive. Calgary recently acquired Noah Hanifin from the Carolina Hurricanes which will add a young D to the already good Calgary defensive core. Johnny Hockey (nickname he is called) is probably going to go into his prime this upcoming season and reach a staggering 90 points. (The support has been incredible this past month. I hope I can keep making more NHL content for you guys because I know you guys enjoy reading it. Hit the like button if you like this particular piece!!!)
  5. Yeah, I think Ottawa will get something for him. I just don’t know when that will happen if it even happens. The domino effect is going to happen where EK leaves, Stone leaves, and then finally, Matt Duchene leaves.
  6. (Likes on my content are much appreciated! Thank you all for all of the support recently. I’ve gotten so far in VHL in such a short amount of time because of you guys letting me use this platform as a way to share my writing skills. Thank you, the future is still waiting!) On Twitter quite recently, the Senators’ Twitter page tweeted that they have a plan to be a successful team this upcoming season. Their tweet also said that they’d like their fans to contribute to their success. Don’t you think that’s a little sketchy considering no other teams’ Twitters do that? We all know they’re stuck between a hard place. A couple months ago, there were speculations that the Ottawa Senators might get bought out and relocated. The owner, Eugene Melnyk, shot down the rumors and said that he had no intentions of selling the Ottawa Senators. There was a problem right after the other with former Ottawa Senator Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend. There was speculations that Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend, Monika Caryk, was the person who was cyber bullying Erik Karlsson’s wife’s unborn child. Nothing has been confirmed that Monika Caryk was the person who was cyber bullying. Mike Hoffman soon got traded away due to the scandals which really hindered the Senators because they barely got anything in return. It was confirmed that Mike Hoffman was traded due to the scandals with his girlfriend. 3rd time was a charm and there were trade rumors that Erik Karlsson might be going to the Dallas Stars or the Tampa Bay Lightning. Ottawa probably wanted Mikhail Sergachev in return for EK from Tampa Bay so no trade happened. Then, Ottawa probably wanted Miro Heiskanen from the Dallas Stars so no trade happened. Pierre Dorion confirmed that he tried to sign EK to an extension, but he declined probably due to the term and money. EK probably saw what Drew Doughty (defenseman of the Los Angeles Kings) got as a salary and Ottawa probably didn’t offer him 11 million. None of us expect Erik Karlsson to re-sign with the Ottawa Senators so will they get what they want in return for EK? We have to wait and see. The Ottawa Senators signed Mark Stone through using arbitration so the contract length is very short-term. Matt Duchene’s contract ends after this upcoming season and he’s waiting to see what happens to Erik Karlsson before he commits to the Ottawa Senators. Erik Karlsson will probably leave, and if EK leaves Mark Stone and Matt Duchene may be inclined to leave this deteriorating organization in the Ottawa Senators. Everything is falling apart for them. The draft rolled around and everybody, especially the Colorado Avalanche were waiting to see what Ottawa would do with their pick. A bit ago, the Matt Duchene trade included Colorado getting a 1st round pick with restrictions. There was a 50/50 chance that they’d use it because they knew that their team was falling apart. They decided to use their 4th overall pick on Brady Tkachuk (brother of Matthew Tkachuk and son of Keith Tkachuk). The Colorado Avalanche get their 1st round pick in the 2019 NHL Draft. The 2019 NHL Draft is supposed to be very deep (I might make more content about the different prospects we might see there!). Now Ottawa can’t lean on their pick for next year and tank. They’re going to battle it out because they don’t want the Avalanche to get something good out of their pick. If the Ottawa Senators manage to keep Mark Stone, Erik Karlsson, and Matt Duchene throughout the season, the Ottawa Senators shouldn’t be peeing the bed. They have Brady Tkachuk and young defenseman, Thomas Chabot. If Craig Anderson can find his fire power that he had a couple seasons ago, they could have a shot at the playoffs. I have no conclusion, but I’m going to leave it up to you guys to decide! Comment down below what you think!
  7. Do we even need to introduce Karl Von Moltke....? Karl Von Moltke entered the VHLM league as another rookie winger. Nobody can predict where a player will end up because it's their decision as to whether they want to be a star player. KVM joined the Ottawa squadrant as one of their lower-tier wingers. Karl Von Moltke was a little bit confused at first as to how the VHL worked. His TPE production was very slow and none of us thought he'd stick with Victory Hockey League. We all thought that he'd be another person to give up on Victory Hockey league because it was "boring" or wasn't "fun enough." His GM let him continue playing for Ottawa despite the uncertainty of his TPE production. He didn't get a large amount of points, but he managed to attain 17 points (6 goals, 11 assists) which is actually quite decent. He left Ottawa to go to the VHLM draft to see where he would play next. Karl waited and waited until his name was called. KVM was chosen by the Las Vegas Aces. He joined their squadrant....but, he got traded before he could play a significant amount of games for them. KVM was quite disappointed about this trade happening, but he knew that he needed to keep his head held high and earn as much TPE as possible to prove Las Vegas wrong. KVM didn't disappoint and his TPE production rose to new locations. GM Shawn talked to KVM about how he wanted him to be one of their top, franchise wingers. Shawn also told him that he wanted him to share his story with his teammates so they can find inspiration. He listened to Shawn and is doing just that, currently. KVM currently has 194 TPE and is the leading scorer in the VHLM. KVM has also showed little flashes of leadership. All of his teammates (and GM Shawn) are cheering him on because they're excited to see what his future holds as a top player. We aren't going to lie though, he has been busy recently and hasn't been producing as much TPE. He's still attending practices and being active though which we all are thankful for. GM Shawn has been telling him that he doesn't need to worry about updating as much since he's really close to the cap. Shawn also told him that he can take breaks and just watch himself flourish throughout his time in the VHLM. KVM and his team recently clinched a playoff spot so he's super hyped for that. KVM told GM Shawn that he doesn't want to just make a statement in the regular season, but also in the playoffs. At the end of the season, KVM knows that he has a very good chance at taking home several awards. KVM doesn't want to get cocky though, he wants to stay focused and keep on presenting leadership in the locker room after every single game. After the awards, KVM will go onto the VHL to be the next big thing. We hope he thrives in a more "professional atmosphere."
  8. @SlapshotDragon Thanks, bud! I like how you took the time to ask different people for different quotes. Keep up the great writing! Your writing will blossom over the year. (If I make Riga, that’d be so cool!)
  9. 1. Dylan Nguyen and Ryuu Crimson to HFX was the most significant trade. I’m not being biased at all either, they’re both great players. Ever since we acquired Crimson, he’s been killing it with me on the first line. Nguyen is awesome as well! 2. I think I'd pick my bud, Tzuyu. Tzuyu is on my team and he is a freaking legend. I think that he will blossom even more when he reaches the VHL. He and Shawn are killing it as defenseman on Halifax. Any team would be lucky to snag him up. 3. A lot higher than I thought! We were an expansion so I was kind of worried. I also wasn’t even thinking about continuing with VHL, so being a contender for the Founder’s Cup was definitely a treat for me and my whole team. 4. a. I think myself, haha. I’ve been working really hard on earning TPE so I think it’s really helping my player do better in all aspects. 5. I want to improve my defense, skating, and scoring. Defense helps me stays in positions where I won’t get the puck taken away from me easily. I want skating so I can rush up the ice fast with my wingers. I want my scoring up so I can score some more goals. 6. Yeah, I think it’s been very helpful for me personally because I usually don’t surf the VHL forums that often to look at key announcements. It also helps the new guys out with earning more TPE so they can be competitive.
  10. It was an uneventful Saturday and Nathan MacKinnon was super bored. He wanted to go grab a coffee, but he didn't want to go alone. Nathan thought to himself, "I haven't hung out with GM Shawn in a good while. Nathan decided to call him. Nathan's phone went, "ding ding ding" until Shawn picked up his phone. Once Shawn picked up, I asked him if he wanted to go grab a coffee at Starbucks. Shawn said that he was busy figuring out lines, but that he could go in a couple of hours. I told him, "sure, do you want me to pick you up when you're done? He said, "sure, thank you!" Before he hung up I asked him what his address was. He told me his address and then I hung up the phone. I watched my favorite NHL team, the Colorado Avalanche for a little bit before I had to go pick up Shawn. I got into my Maserati to go pick up Shawn. I got up to his house and it was amazing. I knew he didn't have an apartment because he gets paid loads of money for being a VHLM GM. I called him to tell him to come outside. He walked outside and hopped into my car. He commented on my car, and I was like, "thank you!" We drove to the nearest Starbucks. I walked into the Starbucks and asked Shawn if I could get him anything. Shawn told me that he wanted a Tall Americano with a little bit of non-fat milk. I walked up and ordered both of our drinks. After I sat down, I talked to him about how cool it would be to go to Riga Reign. He was like, "yeah, that'd be sick so we could all stay together!" We talked for a long while about how the Halifax 21st was doing and how we could be better. I took him back to his house after we were done talking and we said our farewells.