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Calgary team building [1/2]


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Calgary Team Building Day

    This weekend, Calgary went out to do several team building exercises, in hopes of turning their season around. The first thing they did was a standard trust fall. Everyone partnered up, and took turns catching each other. However, the two goalies didn’t seem to get the memo. Fang Flashback was up first, so Brick Whal got behind him to catch him. But as Fang began to fall, Brick moved out of the way and let him hit the ground. “What the h*** old man! I could have gotten a concussion!” yelled Flashback, holding his now bruised head. Brick responded “If you are worried about your head so much, maybe you should stop blocking pucks with your face”. The two seemed to be going after each other through out the whole drill, till eventually Bushito had to call them out. “Both of you better get your act together, or else you’ll be skating so many laps, you’ll wish I had just cut your legs off instead!” This seemed to calm them down a little bit, as they stopped dropping each other.

    Next thing they did was go hit the ice for an intense day of practice. About an hour through the session, Bush unveiled the real reason for this practice. It was really a punishment day for both of the goalies! He started by making Whal pull the whole team around the rink for a few laps, saying “You are the leader of this team! This should teach you how to carry a team!” Afterwards, it was Fangs turn to face Bush’s wrath. He lined up in net, as the team got ready to practice their power play. Everything seemed normal, but something was off. Flashback noticed Bush wasn’t nearly as hard on the team. They were making mistakes, and he wasn’t getting mad at them. Fang thought “this is amazing, finally a chill day!” Then he saw something that made his heart drop. The Wranglers agm, Kathrine Blade, was walking towards the rink carrying a giant inflatable duck with a thunder cloud patch on its tail. Fang’s precious ducky was being put on to the ice, which couldn’t be a good thing. Bush called a stop to the drill, then called everyone over to gather round the duck. He told everyone that he was going to add a new wrinkle to the powerplay drill. “I think everyone here knows that Flashback has a bit of discipline issue. So we are all going to help him out with this!” A few cheers arose from the group. Bush continued “I had Kathrine go and find that ducky he loves so much, and it’s going to help us train Flashback. For the rest of the day, we are going to be adding some new rules to practice. Rule #1: If Fang makes one more save with his face, one player gets to go to the blueline and take a free shot at his duck” Fangs eyes widen in horror as he realized what was happening. “Rule #2: If he tries to fake another windmill, Brick gets to take a swing at the duck.”

“Rule #3: If he tries to slash a single person, Kathrine here gets to show that why her name is Blade, and do some slashing of her own.

Fang was infuriated! He skates up to Bush, fire in his eyes “If any of you touch my duck I swear I will …” Bush immediately cut him off, saying “Rule 4: If he ever talks back to me again, well… I got some hunting to do, and it’s duck season.


(604 words, credit to @BladeMaiden for the concept)


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