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Wake me up [1/2]


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Monday morning was a hell of a start to the week, it started fairly normally with me ignoring Beaviss and his calls, but after he texted me to get into his office right now - I knew something was up. When I made it there he told it straight - I have been traded. Not going to lie, that was a surprise. I have been asking for a trade every year since I got drafted, but to finally get the news slapped all over your face like that - truly woke me up.


There was no time to waste, I shook the GM´s hand and thanked him for having pants on for once and for everything he did for me over the years, came close to cup few times and won one last year, so a lot of memories and history in Vancouver.


Beaviss offered to drive me to the airport, but I said no thanks, I needed to still pack and everything, so I left the GM´s office and started to head back home. Before I went to my car I quickly popped into the locker room to tell the news to the guys, they were surprised to see me there. I usually never join the morning skates, mandatory for others, the surprise soon changed to mix of tears and high fives, I said what I had on my mind and offered to put in a good word to the Riga management if someone wanted, sad day and moment overall - we went through a lot together you know. That was the end of my journey in Vancouver, for now at least.



One of the over 3000 SuperAlkos in Latvia.


When a chapter ends - a new one begins. For me move to Riga is a big change, a new country, a new city and of course a new team. Always a mystery how well you hit it off with new players, but I´m confident that I´m able to play on a high level right away. Going to be interesting to see what it´s like to play for a European team, do the fans support me or do they boo at me? Let's face it, I have ruined a lot of games during last couple seasons by scoring and making plays happen, almost feel bad now for only playing for first two periods and sitting out the third periods, Beaviss told me that last year 200 points was a reality if I played in the third periods. If I hit 200 points last year - would I have been traded now? Who knows, but I´m fully focused in Riga right now.


When I look at the roster, there is a lot of quality players, so expectations are high - everybody wants to win something this year. By the looks of it we are sitting pretty nicely on a playoff spot, currently third in the European division, Davos is fourth with nine points less than us, the last team out of playoffs is Moscow and they are eleven points behind, unless we go into terrible run we should make it into playoffs this year and that is the only thing that matters for rest of the regular season - make sure we make it and get ready for playoffs. For me these games are important, get to learn the system and get more familiar with every player in the team.


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Stream of consciousness articles = pretty cool.



it started fairly normally with me ignoring Beaviss and his calls

big oof for Buff Beav here, but from a review perspective it's awesome characterization of Palo's day-to-day.


I have no comments as far as grammar, usage, or style are concerned here. Thanks for the media spot!

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