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Wang's Final Minors Season Summed up in All-Time Hounds Single Season Records and Other Assorted Topics (This is a Lengthy Title for an Article)


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     After Jerry Wang's electric rise to the top of the VHLM and subsequent loss of said title, I have come back to a topic I had vastly overestimated him on before. That topic being the breaking of various Hounds single season records. Although Wang didn't finish quite as well as I would've liked him to, he still left his mark on Hounds history. His 50 goal season puts him second all time, sitting behind Callum MacElroy's 53 goal tenure in S66. Wang doesn't crack the total points or assists leaders, as his linemate Balentine Kidd outperformed Wang just enough to secure the second all time points record and knock Wang off the board. Wang does sneak onto the +/- leaders at third all time with a +39, and sits behind MacElroy at +40 and Kidd at +46. PIMs and hits aren't exactly Wang's game, and its evident in his incredible distance from denting said boards. Wang doesn't hit the shots board either despite linemate Kidd sneaking on at third all time. Unsurprisingly his shot blocks were nonexistent and thus another board missed. However Wang ties MacElroy for first all time in game winning goals, something that truly pays testament to Wang's ability to produce when needed. Despite all of these internal records, Wang walks away from the VHLM with no individual awards, no team awards, and utterly disappointing appearances in every playoff run, with under 0.5 PPG and a -9 across 16 games played. Hopefully the winger will truly break out in the VHL and prove that spark of potential is more than just a spark.


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