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RJ Jubis Biography [2/2]


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RJ Jubis Biography 


EARLY LIFE                                       

RJ Jubis was born in Yarmouth, Nova-Scotia, Canada. A small town with a population of just over 6,000 people. He was first pushed into the sport of hockey by his father. They skated on their shallow pond behind their house every winter. Even at a very early age he dreamed of playing hockey for a living. Like many kids RJ would imitate hockey stars he had seen on tv. He stepped onto the ice at the young age of 5. The location was University Sainte Anne's hockey arena in Church point, Nova-Scotia. Mixed with the 19 other skaters RJ Jubis did not stand out. Considered a late bloomer, things stayed this way for a long time. As he got older he failed to make the Atom and Peewee Rep teams for four straight years.  This did not stop Jubis from practicing his shot for hours a day in the garage of his family home. He would shoot with a shooter tutor covering the net. RJ would not stop practicing until he scored 10 in a row. 



Fast forward through many road trips, old icy cold arenas and Tim Horton's pit stops. Tournaments where you may play 5 games in 2 days. On road trips the team would gather in hotel hallways to play mini stick hockey. These were Jubis's greatest memories at the time. 

Now in his final Bantam year at age 14. RJ Jubis will begin to have his breakout year. He was playing in SEDMHA, an international minor hockey tournament played in Halifax, Nova-Scotia. He scored an outstanding 23 goals and had 6 assists in 6 games played. Leading his team to an Odyssey Championship with a 6-0-0 record. After winning the championship he was then contacted shortly after by the South shore Mustangs. The Mustangs had high hopes of him joining their team. They play in the Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League or NSMMHL. The same league that has rostered the likes of NHL superstars Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand. RJ Jubis played two outstanding years for the Mustangs. He was able to play in 141 games and scored 186 goals ,112 assists for 298 points. 




He was then drafted by the Halifax Mooseheads of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League or QMJHL. His first season with the mooseheads was in 2017-2018. He struggled to find his speed and seemed to be a step slower then his opponents. He dressed for 56 games in his rookie season mostly on the 2nd line and scored 27 goals and had 14 assists for 41 points. With his hockey future in the balance he knew he needed a change. The following summer he immediately changed up his off season routine. He stopped attending summer Bbq's and parties with his friends. RJ began training daily. He wanted to lean out and add a lot of muscle to his frame. Once out of shape at 205 Lbs RJ Jubis was determined to put in the work. By the end of summer 2018 he was now walking around at a much stronger faster weight of 215 Lbs. He entered the Mooseheads training camp a man on a mission. He earned a spot on the top line out of training camp and never looked back. The 2018-2019 season was his best yet. He played in 65 games and scored 69 goals. This was just 2 goals shy of the Mooseheads record of 71 goals held by Ladislav Nagy back in 1998. The Mooseheads were lucky enough to host the Memorial cup that year. RJ Jubis was not able to finish the season on a high note tho as Halifax lost in the final to Rouyn-Noranda. 




RJ Jubis was 40 games into what looked like his career year with the Mooseheads.  He had scored 46 goals and was gunning for the all time goals in a single season record. Then the injury happened. The Mooseheads were on the road against the Charlottetown Islanders. Down 3-2 in the 3rd period with 12 mins left. The  Mooseheads were on the powerplay. Jubis the big body was playing the front net position. They cycled the puck around for the 1st minute. Then Jake Ryczek has an open lane and takes a bomb of a slapshot. The shot hits Jubis directly in the face and he collapses to the ice. The medical staff rushes to the ice. Immediately it is evident that the puck hit Jubis in the eye. The crowd was standing and the arena was silent. RJ Jubis just was not moving with a pool of blood next to him. It took a few minutes for RJ to gain the strength to get up and on to his feet. He was then rushed to the nearby hospital in Charlottetown. Emergency surgery was required to repair a damaged retina. Jubis had a lengthy recovery ahead of him. He missed the remainder of the season. This injury had Pro Scouts beginning to look the other way. It took 5 long months but RJ Jubis fully recovered. He gained his vision back in his injured eye. Even though he was fully recovered no pro team wanted to touch him. Jubis once a projected top 10 1st round pick became an undrafted one.CtDyihjfkBFiBMKxESIyWLPtpnFt7uc985XXGye_VwyyItq8BXFptFYfgYxHdSx2NUPybm2Y2szBzjZj4wstVYfLJmLD_oi172W_JhUtBhAJpwZzZK-yYJ3crxG5NLU8g3a0iFen



Jubis knew after going undrafted that his only way to the pros was through the minor leagues. He started reaching out to teams in the VHLM. The Saskatoon Wild were immediately interested. They signed the 6'4" free agent to a one year deal sight unseen. Jubis was ecstatic because the Wild were willing to take a chance on him. He started the season with something to prove. He was willing to do whatever it took to get potentially drafted by a VHL team. The hockey gods had other plans in mind as nothing seemed to go Jubis's way. Halfway into the season Jubis had scored only 6 goals in 44 games played. The possibility of a VHL team wanting to draft him was growing thin. He was a late round pick at best. That is if he even got drafted at all. Saskatoon coaching staff decided to get Jubis to centre the first line. Playing alongside star forward Ondrej Ohdraka jump started Jubis's season. Jubis scored 23 goals through the final 28 games. This propelled him up the draft rankings and essentially took him from zero to hero. 




As the VHL draft approached it was easily visible that no player in this seasons draft had climbed the rankings as fast as Jubis. Jubis was now projected to be drafted anywhere from 7th-15th pick in the 1st round. Out of nowhere Jubis was off the board early. The Calgary Wranglers selected him with their 5th overall pick. RJ Jubis was beyond excited. Getting to start the season for a wonderful organization like Calgary. The Wranglers showed Jubis that they truly had faith in him by selecting him so early. Jubis has realized his dream and has become a true professional hockey player. RJ Jubis is expected to have a long a prosperous career for Calgary. Some hockey insiders think he might just be a few seasons away from cracking the Wranglers 1st line. Only time will tell where this story goes. 



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wonderful bio, you painted a great portrait of growing up in a small town like Yarmouth. vivid details. i was shocked and worried when Jubis was rushed to the hospital in Charlottetown, and def felt his joy when he was given a shot with the Wild after all his struggles. rooting for you in the VHL man ✌? @R Jubis

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I enjoyed how realistic his path was too the VHL. Making the decision at a young age to start taking his physical fitness seriously. I liked that you referred to actually records held in the Mooseheads organization. I’m really impressed with how you stuck with it as well once you made it to the VHLM and worked hard to get noticed by VHL teams. Great job, looking forward to playing with you in Calgary in years to come.

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