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Jimothy To The Mississauga Hounds at 8 Overall


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 After much anticipation and intrigues, the man with the best name in the draft goes to the Mississauga Hounds at 8 overall. Many people didn't expect him to go that high in the draft with himself at a mere 63 TPE at the time of the draft. He is proud to be a first round pick even if it came as a surprise to him and his family at home. After hearing the news at exactly 8:11 PM, he booked a flight to Toronto  Mississauga and went on the phone with his new GM's. Still a young first gen player, he expects to improve his weekly TPE levels per week so he does what this is, the VHL.com articles. While he may be a reach for the hounds to take this early, the low number of centers left caused them to make a move earlier than expected. Already happy in the locker room (yes the plane was super sonic), the Hounds look to be a serious contender in the coming years. @Berocka and @GustavMattias have built a team that will dominate the nicest season ever!

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