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(S74) LW - Dale Miller, TPE: 72


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Welcome back to the VHL @Briedaqueduc!


I am GM of the Mexico City Kings and I can offer you 2nd line minutes (as long as you stay active)!


If you are interested quote this and say "acepto" to become royalty!


Let me know if you have any questions or need help getting started :)



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2 hours ago, Briedaqueduc said:

Player Information

Username: Briedaqueduc

Player Name: Dale Miller

Recruited From: Member (jeffie43)

Age: 20

Position: LW

Height: 65 in.

Weight: 169 lbs.

Birthplace: Virgin Islands (U.S.)


Player Page



Welcome to the league!


Halifax can offer you top 6 minutes for the rest of the season along with special team opportunities!


To accept our offer click Quote and say “Accept”

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Good evening and Welcome to the VHL ! Hi @Briedaqueduc  My name is Spencer Elsby, aka Spence King AGM of the Historic Philadelphia Reapers Hockey Organization , Our General Manager @DMaximus are offering you a contract.


We have a very young and extremely hard-working new users great characters and would love to have you as a member of the Philly Family and Reaper Nation. The fans in Philly are by far the loudest and most dedicated and the league knows it. I can vouch on Dmax's behalf that you will not find anymore patient and amazing guide as a mentor when getting used to the VHL and making sure you wont miss out on any opportunities.


Our Goal as managers in the minors is to help develop and make this the most engaging fun experience possible, and that a guarantee in the Philly family! Our Philosophy is to ensure that our players are getting the absolute best experience possible in the VHLM, we understand the importance of one on one interactions and will be there for you anytime and the Locker Room is also full of amazing people that are more than happy to help you develop and understand ,MOST OF ALL feel comfortable and part of the Philly family , #OnceAReaperAlwaysAReaper. This season we have a very strong roster with some great veterans putting us as a legitimate contender this season for a playoff push.

Now lets get to business 

This is a real unique opportunity as Philadelphia we are coming off a huge push last season for the cup and are in a MAJOR rebuild phase which will offer you MAX ice time and be heavily relied upon. We can offer you Top line minutes and the opportunity to play alongside. We also want you playing PP and PK minutes right away. The Reapers recognize hard work and reward it, effort is HUGE to us and it never goes unrecognized. We would be honored to sign you and  get your Name Plate printed and get you on the Ice with some legends asap . We see a lot of bright things in your future and can only hope to be a part of your journey/story to Stardom in the VHL.


“Quote” This message with the hashtag #FearTheReaper, or “Accept” and we will have a contract sent to your inbox and get you in the LR right and you can ask all your question about more info about how to be the best in the league, and join our team locker room! Enjoy your stay! 

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