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Philadelphia Reapers Team Review


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Team Review

Philadelphia Reapers. Sick logo and they are rather new to the VHLM. Starting out in S65 and brought in by Bana himself. At that time, they had 19 skaters and 2 goaltenders. As an expansion team, they already had 2 scratches that time. Their top player in S65 was Nico Sulerzyski with 47 points. However, the very next season, they had many star players contributing to the team’s success. A drastic change in 1 season for an expansion team. Current star in the VHL Condor Adrienne played for the Reapers in this breakout season but only put up 4A. They had 116 points in S66 along with a record of 56-12-4 as compared to S65. In their first season in the minor league, they only won 11 games. They had continued success in S78 with players like Condor, Alex Pearson and Sigard Gunnar in their lineup. Their offense makes up for the average goaltending which would have let the team down. Reapers now have 26 points in 26 games played. Their point leader and captain is Darius Marimoto which has shown great potential as a Chicago prospect.


Trade Review

The Reapers has only traded picks with Miami and Mississauga this season. Those picks did in turn become players after the VHLM draft.


Player Review

Darius Marimoto @dariusmarimotoman

The captain of the team is at 167 tpe. The RW leads the team in points with 27. He’s shown great strides of improvement on the ice and in the locker room of his VHL/M team. With 62 points last season, he’s going to have to put in some effort to pass that record of his. With that said, I’m confident that he can do that. He is also an avid writer in the league which means his going to stick around. He recently started earning from his media spot.

Richard Fitzwell @Tomato Soup

Their highest earner right now. Richard had 79 points last season and now it’s a little hard to eclipse that. He’s a welfare earner which recently came back to life. He was inactive for a good 8 months. Richard has spent 4 seasons in the minor league and this was caused by setbacks in his earning career. His records also show that he missed 4 seasons which means he’s in his 8th season now leading to depreciation.

Carson Walkers @Cwalker

Following closely behind Darius with 162 tpe, he has shown massive improvements. Even though he has 70 SC and 54 PA, he has more of a playmaker then a sniper for now. Why for now? Because he still has room for improvement and a lot of time. It’ll take a while before he can play in the VHL for Malmo but when he does make that jump, he will be lethal. So far, he managed to put up 110 shots which has already surpassed last seasons record. Carson is also showing resemblance to a power forward with CK up to 52 along with FG at 50. With 1 more hit to eclipse 100, he is definitely good on the forecheck for Philly. His steady earning will almost guarantee a strong player that will play for the Reapers next season.

Ernie King @Greg Ernest

Ernie has spent 4 seasons in the minor leagues and have yet shown signs of playing in the big leagues. His build suggests that he’s aiming for a playmaker build that can help support teammates but also score when the time is right. With 53 PIM last season, Ernie is showing no signs of slowing down on the hits too. He is a veteran of 3 playoff appearances but has still yet to find the scoreboard in all those playoff games. Ernie is slowly improving and will still be in the VHLM next season.

Shawn Andrei Zyuzin @TheLastOlympian07

A familiar name in the league has come back with a recreate after his last player Shawn Aalto retired. He has risen up the ladder quickly here in Philly. He’s earning at a great speed with media spots, reviews, articles etc. It’ll be exciting to see how he grows in the future and seasons. I do have high expectations for Shawn and if he’s performs, he’s gonna be a mitochondrion here. If you get the joke, you get it.


Next up, Mississauga Hounds. I’m skipping Ottawa because I did one about them before. @DMaximus @Spence King

Claiming for week ending 25/10

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