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The Tagging @Members Thread

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On 11/20/2020 at 4:49 PM, Spade18 said:


@chatfan036 I've been instructed to thank you for us losing the ability to tag members and I am an absolute slut for the blue team.


So from the bottom of the dark recess where my heart once resided (resode?), Thank you ❤️

 I'm just going to start by dropping this here:


present tense

I/you/we/they reside
he/she/it resides
present participle residing
past tense resided
past participle



I would also like to add that I love and respect that you are an unabashed slut, you keep rocking you boo boo 😄 You keep living your best life, sending you warm feels and thoughts of pumpkin spice . Remember even if they call you basic at least we both know that makes you a classic lol

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Regular members have just lost the ability to mention groups. You can thank @chatfan036 for this

Hello @Members how are you today? 

I mean, all of this tagging can be avoided if we just brought back chat.   *Empties gasoline on fire*

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