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Gucci's TPE Allocation for FonziGG nears 100


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Gucci's TPE Allocation for FonziGG Nears 100

Manchester, England


The VHL's 2020 Charity Auction was an amazing one, raising a significant amount of money in what might be the largest donation in VHL history.  Among many others, LA prospect and future 3rd line center Its Gucci wanted in on the fun and threw his hat in the ring.  "I wanted to get involved, so I told the league that the highest bidder could allocate all of my reserved (banked) practice hours however they like," Gucci mentioned to the media.  "Shooting, checking, discipline, leadership...  it doesn't matter."  



This was not received well by LA general manager @Josh who now 100% regrets picking up the center in the first round of last season's draft.  "I just shook my head and penciled him into the 3rd line, at best," he finishes, shaking his head.


Although well-rounded, an uninspiring VHLM season with Las Vegas @Spartan left Gucci feeling like he needed to make a change.  


Although the total was somewhere in the 40's at the time of betting, it has now increased to 84, with the likelihood that it passes 100 by next week.


@fonziGG bought low and is now reaping the benefits of both Gucci's practice hours (likely into leadership) and Josh's increased level of stress.

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