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Au-Revoir Vegas

Matt thunder

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I never thought i could make an article talking about my stay at Vegas or about how much i will miss this time i have spent here and how much i will miss this team and his players/gm/agm

but here i am.

( if you want to make this article feel more emotional hear  this two songs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yOZEiHLuVU)

but let's go back to my speech.


I think that nobody really knew that when i was drafted by veags i wan't super hyped to play, i was drafted as one of the last picks and i wasn't proud about it, i have felt like they picked me just to pick someone and not skip a pick, but whit time i understood that they didn't picked me for that reason, they picked me because they saw something good in me, something that i couldn't see, but they could.

With time I have started to see that too, more points came in, i found out that you could have more then 2 tpe a week ( don't juge me, i was only stupid as i didn't join the discord of Halifax), and most important, that a  team could become a new familiy for me and for all the other players that played whit me.  

I really own Vegas something special, it  teached me a lot but i could never pay back Vegas, as in my 3 season whit vegas we never lifted a cup, even if we had some fantastic players, i won't lie, in the last season i would have loved to in the cup as i was also the captain of the team, but hey, it's life baby, what are you going to do about it?


but now i would like to thanks some guys that helped me trugh this journey in the vhlm or I just have enjoied talking to:


@Spartan you knew you were going to end here right? i just wanted to thank you and also say that i'm sorry as i might have bothered you all this time with my stupid questions, but i will be sad to leave you and Jiggly in the vhlm.


@JigglyGumballs we never spoke that much, but thank you for the presser, so thank you for my weekly 2 tpe.


@hedgehog337 same thing as i said white spartan, but I am happy to join you in the Vhl, and also thank you for correcting me for my shitty english.


@Ledge_and_Dairy as i have said with jiggly, we never spoke that much, but yeah in the ice we made a nice duo so i hope that we will do the same in the vhl.


@tcookie i just want you to remember that you have to win that cup for me, jokes a part, you really have a good potential I really want to see you play whit me in Riga.


( yeah if you just cliccked the first link i'm sorry but you just got rickerolled mate, lol, but don't worry the second link is safe, it is the song from the gladiator) 


536 words i don't know if i should write it or not but if everybody do it i will do it too

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