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  1. RIGA REIGN PRESS CONFERENCE Week Ending 03/07 1. The season's winding down, and it's almost draft time. Is there anyone that sticks out to you in the upcoming draft class? 2. Both of the World Cup and the World Juniors are coming up in the offseason. Is there a certain team that you'll be rooting for? 3. Are you more of a writer or more of a graphics guy? 4. If you could kill off any character in a current TV show, who would it be? 5. If you had to be an inanimate object for a year, what would you be and why? 6. Who is the funniest guy on the team?
  2. I'll apply. I GMed at the WJC last season, got to know STHS a little bit, and got into the GM office for the first time. I'm building up my resume to become a VHL GM, and I could use some more practice at lines. I'm pretty active on both forums and discord, and I love hyping up the LRs and keeping the game threads hot. Also my player is Nordic so I guess that's what I'm applying for
  3. already announced m8 it's hylands
  4. holy crap your right. What the hell am I talking about
  5. Jeezus, is that really the first thing that comes to mind
  6. Well, Prague ended Riga's season a couple days ago, so now I'm waiting impatiently for the next big event, my first VHL entry draft as an AGM. It's an exciting feeling. Anyway, I'm gonna go through what Zetterstrom's season looked like and if he did good. First of all, his stat line was pretty damn good. 16 goals, 58 assists, and 74 points was way, WAY above my expectations. Then again, he usually got about 25-30 mins of ice time per game, so the points come naturally. And although he fell off the leaderboard about midway through the season, his 166 blocked shots are also respe
  7. We couldn't have chosen a better guy to lead Team Europe back to gold! Congrats @PatrikLaine! Also, congrats @dariusmarimotoman! You also totally had this coming!
  8. I did fill out the tier list and we need a new podcast plz
  9. Why am I not surprised? You had this coming! Congrats!
  10. I am for sure still interested as well, for any positions that come up