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  1. Review: I don’t know how you can write such long articles, it’s a skill I haven't developed yet. Good paragraphs, although first two are a little long. Nice use of boldness, and some great content here. 9/10
  2. My forum is messed up. Maybe a bug? Idk. The background is white, everything is listed on the left side of the screen, and I had to scroll way down to get to the status update. Anyone in the same boat?

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      The VHL is temporarily migrating to a new webhost as the current one will be temporarily shutting down

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      U can use the VHL default theme instead, it helps a little

  3. Linus Zetterstrom was drafted in the 4th round, 39th overall, by the Las Vegas Aces in the S74 VHLM Dispersal Draft. Since then, he’s been consistently earning TPE and writing a butt ton of media spots for some reason, probably because he doesn’t like making graphics. Zetterstrom is now 140 TPE and is a top prospect for the upcoming VHL Entry Draft. Today I will look at his attributes, like what he’s going goof at and what he’s not. Here we go: Checking: 42 TPE I don’t know why I wasted two TPE on checking. Not that it’s unimportant, just that checking isn’t a huge part of Z’s
  4. Linus Zetterstrom Linus Zetterstrom Scouting Report As an obscure Swedish defenceman entering the VHLM Dispersal Draft, Linus Zetterstrom was only being scouted by one team: the Las Vegas Aces, now champions of the Western Conference. Now, Zetterstrom is catching the eyes of lots of VHL scouts, with his 2 goals and 20 assists in 68 games. His -2 plus/minus may be a deterrent, but his 32 blocked shots and 85 hits more than make up for it. Strengths: Defensive play: Zetterstrom is a beast in his own end. It is his top priority in practice, and it
  5. There has been tons of speculation recently about expansion, and both @Spence King and @fyrefly have written extensive media spots on it. Fyrefly in particular argued that expansion isn’t a great idea right away. But it is possible, so i’m going to enter a name into the hat: the Montréal Voyageurs, or les Voyageurs de Montréal. The name ‘Voyageurs’ is registered deep inside Quebec, dating back to when French explorers such as Samuel de Champlain ‘discovered’ Canada. Ever since Champlain and his crew established Quebec City, ‘Voyageurs’ has been a term that de
  6. Review: Good job spreading news about something that’s so underrated in the VHL, checking. There aren’t enough rough and tumble guys anymore, so we should recognize the remaining few. Nice images and paragraphs, and the logos next to the names are a nice touch. 9.5/10
  7. Review: Love to see my guys get some recognition, although it hurt not being mentioned(kidding! I’m a third pairing guy). Nice image of the Knights, and great paragraphs. Really good article overall. 9/10
  8. 1. It’s been great, if a little expected. Our team is a great bunch of players. We has this coming 2. Amazingly(not), all three podium teams were teams I was cheering for. I thought the tourney as a whole was cool 3. Halifax. And we need lots of luck to beat them, because they are downright scary 4. Usually some of us go to a restaurant, and usually avoid bars, because of the whole non-alcohol thing a couple of guys and me have. Also, getting to bed early is a must, since we have games every day. 5, Dog, no question. I have a golden retriever and
  9. Holy crap 3000 words! You should find some hobbies lol
  10. Lol. Thanks for the tip, I now have an even better chance of cheering for the winning team. Go Yankees!
  11. Review: That’s an amazing thing to do, great job spreading the game! Decent article, maybe make it a little longer so you can claim for the media spot. Also, maybe make the words black, purple isn’t great to read. Good paragraphs, and good picture. 8/10