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  1. All my respect, mate. That cannot be easy
  2. jeezus wednesday to sunday next week is gonna be fun
  3. Congrats on a helluva ride, Jubo. One of the most respected GMs in the league, and that's pretty rough competition. Wish you luck in life! might as well apply while im here
  4. Hai guys, Ledge here. So recently, as I so obnoxiously put on the front page of the VHL with a status update, I conducted a poll involving YOU to determine what the name of my next create will be. Frankly, I only used the poll for one bit of information, and as I mentioned at the top of the thread, it was between two names the entire time, which I'll bet you could quickly guess which. Mattias Zetterstrom and Smolder Bravestone are the two names I'm considering for my next player, which I know won't be for a while but hey, I want to be prepared. So I put out the poll, with Zetterstrom and Brave
  5. I support this, I think it's a worthwhile thing to put into profiles, I for one would fill it out and send it through my discord LR for my team
  6. ayyo thamks for bailing me out 1. Ehhh I mean, it doesn't matter at all so no 2. Free 10 TPE and drafting more frens 3. Seattle up 2-0 makes it easy for me 4. YESSIR! We gonna get that cup 5. The animated disney Atlantis movie, absolute trash 6. Well if a nuke explodes on the moon and no one on Earth hears anything, does that mean it didn't make a sound? I think this question is a lot deeper than I'm taking it for P.S. For yl: you can claim the questions
  7. I mean, patriotically, 100/10 amazing. In reality, it's just a regular old shitty fast food restaurant
  8. Full credit to @GrittyIsKing09 for giving me this idea I guess you can use the ones that don't win. It's between two of them for me anyway