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[S75] Lance Flowers has retired!


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It was a good run. I accomplished a good deal of what I wanted with Flowers - a few awards, a chance to build a defensive defenseman, and some good playoff runs and even a finals run that last season. But most of all, I had fun. I'd like to thank @Esso2264, @Enorama and all of my great NY and DC teammates over these eight seasons for going on this ride with me. I'm happy with how Flowers turned out.


Typically, I like to take a break for a few seasons after retiring anyway, just to recharge the batteries. This time though, I think the break here might be a bit longer than normal. A lot of what I like in sim leagues is the personal challenge as much as anything else - competing with my own expectations to see what I can accomplish through hard work and persistence. But the one thing I struggled with in Flowers' career - and at the risk of sounding a bit conceited - was there wasn't much left to strive to after how successful Wingate and McAllister were. What I tried to capture that drive, having a HOF player at each position or winning titles at each franchise or what have you, didn't really stick. So I think I'm going to take a longer break this time, to try and get some of that drive back. That's not to say I won't be back - I know myself better than that, and plus there's no way I'd missing Season 100 of a sim league. And you can catch me in other leagues, where I think I have a little more to prove to myself. But I'm going to be checking out here for a while. Thank you for being my longest, and most fun, sim league home. :cheers:

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