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S75 Champions Banner Contest


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Hello all,


A few seasons ago we started this seasonal banner contest. The winner of this contest will have their championship banner on our front page until we can crown next season's winner. 



1. Image must be 600 x 1200

2. Image must include both the VHL and the VHLM Champions (Malmo and Philadelphia)

3. Please PM submissions to me on the forums or Discord

4. Deadline is Monday, January 18th @ 3PM EST


From the submissions, the best 3 will be selected for a public vote. The winner of this contest will receive 5 uncapped TPE if their banner is chosen as the winner of this contest.

Last seasons winner:


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1 hour ago, 2hawk said:

I think I'm going to make one but when I'm done where do I send/put my banner?

Hover you mouse over Quik name on the left side above "Let's get stabby" and a pop-up window will appear with some quick information about the user. At the bottom you have send the message option. Click it and send him your entry.

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