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Claimed:VHLM S39 Dispersal Draft Rankings; Top 3 Defensemen


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Ranking Defenseman for the Upcoming VHLM S39 Dispersal Draft
Not many draftees in this class, it is very top end heavy, and here are your top 3 defenseman for the upcoming draft. Let's start with #1 Ranked; Mason Richardson.
1. Mason Richardson
Wow, is this guy on steroids or what? An absolute monster of a defenseman with his work ethic. Tall enough to make an impact standing at 6'4" and weighing in at 216 lbs. An excellent skater, and puck handler, he can create offense from almost anywhere on the ice. An absolutely superb pass which he can use from just about anywhere. He seems to be working on his shot more and more often now, learning that it may be his one weakness. He is defensively responsible, but can use a few hours at the gym to gain some more strength, in turn, increasing his shot. The best defenseman in the upcoming draft. He may just be the best prospect overall in this great draft class.
2. Gunzerker Salvador
Very easy name to remember, his parents were very unique, you could say. Gunzerker is a threatening name, but at 5'5" and 170 lbs, the only threatening thing about him could be his name, and also his country, Mexico. For a small body, Salvador can just straight up rip it into the net with his slapper. Defensively responsible, Gunzerker looks like he can play almost any spot on the ice, as he was seen working on his faceoffs. He is a decent skater, not the best, but he doesn't have the longest legs so that is understandable. He either does not pass the puck, or he cannot pass the puck, whichever one it is, it won't matter, he can receive the pass, but can't stick handle with it, and looks to just shoot it. An interesting build, Gunzerker should be a great prospect with great skill.
3. Jerrick Poole
What do they feed him, this kid's huge. Standing at 6'6" and 243 lbs, Jerrick almost might be the biggest body in the VHLM Dispersal Draft. Hailing from Boston, hence why he wears number 77, Poole is a defensive show. The best part of his game is the defensive part. With an increasing willingness to hit, and that big body, he can go right through the opponent. Of course, Poole is another type of beast, with the ability to just blow by defenders when on the rush, he can go around the opponent as well. His pass and shot aaren't the greatest, but he was found with trainers working on his pass, and it looks to be better and better as the days go on. He ranks in at number 3 on our defenders list for that very reason, the willingness to improve his weaknesses.
HM: Joshua Rubin, King Czar III, Vladamir Komarov
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