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  1. kayfabe

    VHL Pickem (S64W2)

    Toronto Riga Seattle Calgary
  2. kayfabe

    VHL Predict the score (S64W2)

    tronno 2-1
  3. kayfabe

    GM 30: Oslo Storm vs. Halifax 21st

  4. kayfabe

    S64 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    my bad Vesto Slipher @Beaviss
  5. kayfabe

    S64 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Roger Sterling @Matt_O
  6. kayfabe

    S64 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Robert Malenko @Beaviss is next, right?
  7. kayfabe

    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    @Reives Hey there, my player Bolt Vanderhuge doesn't appear to have a store balance yet. I was a mid-season pickup last season, play for Halifax this year and Riga has my draft rights, if that's any help.
  8. kayfabe

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. With the New Season looming what are your plans for your character? Any goals for the season stat wise? I need to just get out there and fill holes in the lineup. Going to go out there and play some defense, tally up some hits. Maybe I'll work on my passing too, who knows? 2. The Recruitment Team is working hard to make the VHL a better place. What changes would you make if any? I could see having a designated person out there checking up on mid-season pickups being useful. It's easy to get lost in the shuffle a bit when you join partway through. 3. Have you gone on the leagues discord channel yet? If so what are your thoughts? If you haven't why not? (Discord Link) It makes me feel a bit old at times, tbh. Memes are a foreign language at times. 4. What team do you play for? Where in the standings do you think they will end up? Halifax, baby. I expect to be at least in the middle of the table. Anyone can improve with activity. 5. Are you aware of the Recruit a Friend Program? Would you suggest the VHL to friends or family? (Recruit a Friend Link) Probably not, I like sim league's partly to have some "me" time in my life, goofy as it may be. 6. What teams in the VHL do you think have the best shot at winning the cup? What team would you want to play for? (VHL TEAMS) I like Riga and Helsinki. I'm happy to have been drafted by Riga, given their talent.
  9. talking about practice !? +2
  10. Same here. I even got the double point task gift thingy even though I only do affiliate tasks here.
  11. kayfabe

    S64 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    I ain't mad, since it's barely given me enough time to slide in with a pick after a busy day. Leph Twinger @Thranduil