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  1. +6 SBA Affiliate PT
  2. kayfabe

    VHLM Pick’em (S63W4)

    Halifax Yukon Vegas Saskatoon
  3. kayfabe

    VHLM Predict the Score (S63W4)

    halifax 5-3
  4. kayfabe

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) Not to take the easy way out, but Sven Hitz is in position to sneak in there if he wants it badly enough. 2) The coaches seem to feel that I'm still a bit unpolished and I intend to get as much experience under my belt as I can. 3) When it comes to hockey you always have to gravitate towards Canada. 4) Maybe a "what you wish you knew as a newbie" point task where new guys think out loud and ask questions while old hands can riff on what they've learned about finding success here. 5) I'm too new here to go into specifics, but with sim leagues you should keep in mind that it's often how you finish rather than how you start. Optimizing your draft year earnings or whatever is fine if you're into that but if you keep inventing ways to turn this league from being a hobby into being a chore then you're liable to burn out and fade away. 6) Sure, why not? The only downside is that it's more work that I personally won't have to do. On a more serious note, I don't expect to be making all-star teams in the short term. I'm still feeling my way here, after all.
  5. kayfabe

    VHLM Predict the Score (S63W3)

    4-2 halifax
  6. kayfabe

    VHLM Pick’em (S63W3)

    Halifax Saskatoon Oslo Halifax
  7. kayfabe

    VHL/SBA/EFL Cross Recruitment Drive

    Can also be a Longhorn if you're not a filthy frontrunner. Also, we block the shit out of people, which is fun.
  8. kayfabe

    (S64) D - Bolt Vanderhuge, TPE: 30

    Yep, I run the Louisville Cardinals and I'm also active in the EFL. It looks like I'll have to rejigger my old habits back to doing 6 point tasks again. Lately I've been kinda slacking and relying on league jobs and smaller tasks to get me through due to time constraints but IRL will calm down soon enough. Besides, with 3 sports to pick from I'll at least be able to break out of rut I get into when writing about how the tall men score the buckets for the home team.
  9. In an unexpected move multi-sport athlete Bolt Vanderhuge has reportedly been tendered a contract offer by the Oslo Storm of the Victory Hockey League's minors program. The 16 year old defenseman is a somewhat surprising pick but team scouts felt that it was worth taking a flier on the young man due to his large frame, solid passing vision and willingness to stick his nose in as a shot blocker. While physically gifted Vanderhuge is a child of South African expatriates and his parents originally considered his interest in the sport to be merely youthful curiosity and initially pushed him towards figure skating instead due to concussion concerns. Eventually his talent and persistence got his foot in the door, however, and while still somewhat raw due to the relatively late start he distinguished himself in youth leagues and many scouts believe he could be develop into a real asset now that he is being exposed to a world-class coaching environment.
  10. Player Information Username: kayfabe Player Name: Bolt Vanderhuge Recruited By: Age: 16 Position: D Height: 80 in. Weight: 250 lbs. Birthplace: South Africa Player Page