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Arceholes advance to semi-finals


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After finishing last in the quadruple round robin, giving them the 6th seed in the Super Cup playoffs, The Arceholes won their quarterfinal series 2-0 against TicTac Boom Bullies. The games were won on strong performances from goaltender Martin Brookside, who had been having a disappointing Super Cup prior to the playoffs with a save percentage just barely over .900 in 15 games.


Game One was a 4-2 victory for The Arceholes in which they were outshot 33-26. An early 2nd period goal put them behind 0-2, but that would be all the Bullies would score. The Arceholes responded with four unanswered goals, two by Keiji Toriyama in the first half of the second period. Toriyama, it is worth noting, is being predicted by some to be the VHL Playoff MVP in Season 39, most likely because one person predicted it an several have copied his post. If he can help Vasteras like he did The Arceholes, earning himself first star honors, maybe there is a chance. Also scoring goals for The Arceholes were Wesley Kellinger, their group stage leader, and Dimothenis Vlasis, his first of the Super Cup.


In Game Two, Brookside's counterpart Brick Wahl was almost as good as him, but The Arceholes put two past him in the first period before he really turned it on. The Bullies scored once in the first as well, defense was the name of the game in the latter two thirds. Goals for The Arceholes were scored by Mikey Blade and Phil Villeneuve.


The Arceholes move on to face Vestiquan's Best, the only team they went 0-4 against, in the semifinals.

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