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  1. F - Muffbeav G - Sirkants Klamasteris @Tomat0
  2. 1. With this being the inaugural season of the VHLE, What do you think of the VHLE as of right now? It's fun to be between the VHLM and VHL, season just began, so tough to have an opinion on the league as of now. It's very high-scoring. 2. The Eagles, imho, had a good draft, which of your team mates are you most excited to see play this season? Saku Kotkakoivu, did well with us in Mexico last season, can't wait to see what happens a level above. 3. What are your goals for this season as a player, team, and organization? Goals and a trophy at the end, nothing less. 4. What is one crazy thing that has happened to you or a team mate since joining the Vasteras organization? The traveling was a bit hectic going from Mexico to Japan to Vasteras, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. Yet. 5. What is your pregame ritual? Same routine everyday, tape my sticks first, same way, same colour, get dressed and be the last to get on the ice. Nothing too crazy other than that. 6. If you could give an award for best team mate so far who would it be and why? Calamari, very active in the locker room.
  3. Oh, something massacred the quality of the image, that's awesome
  4. 1. What are your thoughts on the new GM and AGM? Appear to be motivated, the guys here should have a good team next year. 2. What are your expectations for your player next season? I believe that I will play in the VHLE, I hope I can take another step in my game and win the first-ever VHLE Cup. 3. What do you think the Management should work on this off season? I think the team is losing most of the team, so... just quick rebuild, I guess. 4. What was one highlight from your player last season? My first hat-trick, it was a sort of a coming out party after a rough start to the season. 5. What is your favourite song ATM? take a trip - bbno$, ceo@business.net, jungle bobby 6. Do you prefer Road Trips or Flying? Never flew, so road trips.
  5. 1. With a 4-0 sweep we destroyed it in the first round. What do you think of our chances after an impressive showing? Well, we're currently down 3-1, so I wouldn't say they're too good, but I still believe we can come back. 2. Who was MVP of our first series? In a sweep, would it be fair to say everyone? 3. Who needs to step it up to go all the way for us? Down 3-1, like the previous answer, everyone. 4. Have you been paying attention to VHLE happenings, and if so, who do you think wins the tournament? Not gonna lie, I haven't paid any attention to it. 5. If you were a VHLE GM and had to pick anywhere from 1 to 6 in a snake draft, which pick would you want to have? 3, always better to be in the middle. 6. How has the pandemic been for all of you of late? Better than last year, but any bigger progress is slowed down by idiots, so... same as usual, I guess.
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