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  1. Pavlov and Kai look to be rebound gods. They got 18 assists combined. They're shooting for 10% on 78 shots combined. It's horrible lmao
  2. Shit, I forgot. Gimme Rauno Palo. It's blues now.
  3. @Ria I know wrestling. Asuka is one of my favourite female wrestlers (Io Shirai, though 👀 ). I'm the Minnesota Storm AGM, sign with us.
  4. 1. What is your opinion on the current chances of Malmo to make a potential playoff run? Potential playoff run? We're the best team in the league.We're going all the way baybeeeee. 2. You can pick any member in the league to have on Malmo that isn't, who would it be? I don't know. Eudaldkp since we're a GM duo. 3. Impressions on the trades I've made so far as GM? I wouldn't have anything to say even if I did, because it works right now. 4. Biggest steal that could come out of the S66 draft? I'm awful at these, I'd rather not make a fool of myself and predict dumb stuff. 5. Most likely to bust coming out of the S66 draft? Same as question #4, but even worse. 6. Opinion on Moscow... Lmao who? All I can say is we're first and they're last.
  5. G - Roger Sterling @GustavMattias