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  1. FBR

    FBR's recruits

    Christopher Murphy - @Ckbruinfan
  2. FBR

    (S65) RW - Matthew Kai, TPE: 30

    Was wondering, do we still get TPE for recruiting someone (ckbruinfan/Christopher Murphy)?
  3. FBR

    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

    Diggity done.
  4. FBR

    (S65) RW - Matthew Kai, TPE: 30

    Seriously, going through a very hard time, so looking at everything to change my mind. I got on a french sim league that stole one of our old designs, so it reminded me and I came back. Hopefully, I don't disappear or become a welfareboi.
  5. Player Information Username: FBR Player Name: Matthew Kai Recruited By: Age: 22 Position: RW Height: 76 in. Weight: 212 lbs. Birthplace: South Korea Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. FBR

    Drouin as a Winger

    Thinking about it. Last two I made, I didn't even make it through a season, so I'm hesitating.
  7. FBR

    Drouin as a Winger

    He meant as the three centers in the future. Kotka 1, Suzuki 2 and Poehling 3.
  8. FBR

    S56 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    So... this topic isn't locked. yay. Ulyanin Namestnikov Center Assists/12 FO Won/150
  9. FBR

    S55 WJC Game 5: Team Canada vs Team USA

    How the fuck did I manage to get a -2?