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Claimed:Where will they be 10 years from now?


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Fast Forward 10 Years


In this edition of the Around the League, we're going to go in a different direction than normal: instead of talking about the past or present, we're going to talk about the extended future of the players we normally cover in our articles. Where will they be? Divorced? On a beach somewhere? Still playing? We randomly selected several big names from around the league and, first, asked one of our dedicated fans where they thought that player would be and, second, asked that player them self where they thought they would be ten long years from now.



#1 - Bennett Wahl 




Fan Response: 


"I can't see Wahl still playing in the VHL 10 years from now. He's only played like 10 VHL games and he is already looking washed up in my opinion. The guy tries to be a wise guy when he's on the ice and you can tell his teammates get fed up with him, he will go down as the Sean Avery of the VHL."


Wahl's Thoughts:


"Ha, 10 years from now? I won't be playing hockey, that's for damn sure. I'll collect that fat VHL cheque for five years or so and then call it quits. I'll likely be divorced by then, living anywhere other than Rob Ford's asshole a.k.a. Toronto, and will probably be a clinical alcoholic."


#2 - Jarkko Olsen




Fan Response:


"Well, Olsen's got a few years left so I think he will definitely finish out his career. After that, he seems like the kind of guy who is going to buy a big apartment in the city, get trashed every night, and blow every cent he made in the VHL by the time is 40."


Olsen's Thoughts:


"Jeeze, 10 years. For one thing, I hope to be finally living with Naomi by then. Just last month she let me keep a toothbrush at her place, so 10 years from now I probably have a decent chance at getting a drawer in her dresser. That my be wishful thinking, though. I will most likely be living a lonely life back in Finland by then."


#3 - Brennan McQueen




Fan Response:


"Brennan McQeen will be in jail within 10 years, hopefully back in Scotland. Did you hear about that shit at the bar in Calgary? Seriously, what a dick. You know? He talks a lot of shit on and off the ice from what I hear, I just hope he gets his."


McQueen's Thoughts:


"I plan on retiring from playing and joining the Riga organization so I can help them to continue to be better than Helsinki and Calgary. Fuck those teams, really. I am more than likely going to devote my entire life savings to screwing those shit teams out of any minuscule chances of success they happen to have."

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I forgot to mention the opinions of those prick fans in no way represent the opinions of our authors, editors, or peoples otherwise associated with our organization. 


Oh and check back next week because we've got some interesting responses about Logan Laich an Conner Low.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

471 words. Not a really long Media Spot, but nonetheless, a good episode. I liked the angle you took in viewing these players 10 years down the road and I liked the responses.

Grammar: 2/2

Not very grader-like :P


Jeeze = Jeez

my be = may be

McQeen = McQueen

hear, = hear;

Appearance: 1/1

Team logos, center alignment..bang on.

Overall: 6/6

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