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(S80) RW - Harry Fingers, TPE: 70


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Welcome back to the VHLM, @Alex Bridges!


The Minnesota Storm are looking to be a top team this season, but we have plenty of room for you on our roster. We have an excellent locker room environment, guides to help you build your player, and much more to help you build your player the way you want to! Our top priority is to help prepare you for a successful VHL career!

Right now, we are prepared to offer you a spot on our 2nd Line! This could change during the season though. :)  To accept our offer, simply quote this post and say "Let's go Storm!" to accept our offer!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We are eager to see you join the Storm!

- youloser1337, Minnesota Storm AGM

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Welcome back to the VHLM @Alex Bridges!

My name is KaleebtheMighty, I'm the GM for the Philadelphia Reapers. I'd like to reach out and offer you a position on our roster! We are building a very competitive team, and would slot you in as a 3rd line winger. With your experience, you'll have no problem solidifying yourself as an impact player on the Reapers and get a ton of ice time!

Here in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on the players we develop. My AGM and I work hard to ensure that every member of the team enjoys their time on the Reapers and builds a legacy to begin their career. Numerous VHL greats got started right here in Philadelphia, and we would love to add your name on the list. We also have a great locker room filled with great players that would love to get to know you!

If you're interested in becoming a Reaper, just quote this post and reply back with #FEARTHEREAPER. Once you do that, we will add you to our roster and get you in the locker room.



Many legacies have been built with the Reapers. Will you join the many great Reapers of legend and craft a VHL career worthy of the HOF? What will your legacy be?


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Welcome back! I am with the Miami Marauders. We have been looking for 1 more winger to add to our team to complete our roster and we would love to have you fill that spot. We are pushing very hard and making moves to make our team a cup contender. If you want to join us quite this and say #LGM


- Miami Marauders 

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Welcome back to the VHL, I'm the General Manager of the Ottawa Lynx and we are currently looking for a winger to play third line minutes and specialty team minutes but you could find yourself with more ice-time depending on our strategy. We have a chill locker room, you'll have hardworking teammates and my assistant and myself would love to help you become a star. Right now the team isn't at the top of the standings but if the Lynx can add a little more firepower I think our current active core could really do some damage down the road!


If you are interested in joining us in Ottawa let me know by quoting this message and/or posting our hashtag.. #GOLYNXGO :)



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Just now, Zetterberg said:



Welcome back @Alex Bridges, join Mississauga we can give you 4th line minutes and we have MexicanCow. Quote this and say #IWontGoInactiveAgain to join

Ok, lets do this. #IMostLikelyHopfullyNotWillNotGoInactiveForThe8thTime

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14 hours ago, Alex Bridges said:

Ok, lets do this. #IMostLikelyHopfullyNotWillNotGoInactiveForThe8thTime


Happy to have you back Bridges, you da man!

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