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Claimed:Gatorade & VHL to Partner Up


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Gatorade and VHL Ink a Deal

August 2nd, 2014 By: Mark O' Neil




The VHL and Gatorade are partnering up! Gatorade, owned by Pepsi Co., and the VHL announced today that they have signed into a long term sponsorship deal that is worth an amazing $48 million dollars a year. The contract will go into effect this coming Monday and will cover the rest of season 39 and will not be up for renewal until the VHL hits the off-season for Season 50. This makes the deal worth somewhere around the ballpark of $552 million over the course of the contract. Details on how the money would be prorated for the remainder of season 39 are currently not available. 


"We're happy to get this deal done." said VHL Commissioner Mr. Higgins. "Getting this deal inked with Gatorade helps both parties out. The VHL sees the influx of money, while Gatorade continues to grow their empire and now becomes the official drink of the VHL and VHLM. This truly is a historic day for the league. We have been working on this deal for sometime now, and to get all the details worked out to benefit both parties feels like a triumph for everyone involved. This means that every bottle on the sidelines, every bottle in the concessions, will have that famous orange cap on it. You can't miss it."



While we are not entirely sure if this deal is just inked with Gatorade, or if Pepsi Co. will bring all their brands(Pepsi, Frito Lay, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, and Gatorade) into the VHL, but even if it is just Gatorade, this is a historic deal for the VHL.


However, we do know that Gatorade has already begun preparations on new flavors, one based on each VHL Franchise, and has started talking to VHL and VHLM players alike to become the poster children for this campaign. Odin Tordhal, Thomas Landry, Jerrick Poole, Percy Miller, Tony Stark, Bruno Wolf, and Jake Wylde are already a handful of the names that have been confirmed already, with more planed to be announced in the coming days. 




Thomas Landry: "When Gatorade approached me I was shocked. This is my first sponsorship and I feel like I am on cloud 9 right now. I absolutely cannot wait to start working with these guys!"


"This is an amazing feeling." said Bruno Wolf "To have Gatorade come find me? Man, that hits home. To know you're being recognized for your hard work, to know someone out there is paying attention. I am beyond thrilled to partner up with these guys. Hopefully I get my own flavor!"


Flavors that have already been announced are as follows:


New York: Freedom Punch

Calgary: Wrangler Freeze

Helsinki: Nordic Wylde Berry

HC Davos: Power House Passion Fruit

Cologne: Citrus Express


All the teams will eventually have their own unique flavor, so stay tuned for that, and more information as it becomes available. 





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Lmao, awesome article. Really liking the "Nordic Wylde Berry" flavour. I mean that quite literally, as it is now all we are allowed to drink on the bench. Definitely some shady things here involving Higgins. I find it hard to believe there isn't a hidden agenda here with that guy.


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Overall: 6/6

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