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Bana Blabs #20


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Last week was a nice week because I didn't have to do any writing for my leagues. Thank you very much to the donations double free weeks or whatever they're called. It spoiled me a lot and made writing for this week very hard. Also the fact SBA has that season pass is also making me wish the VHL had something similar to that. Is there anything wrong with helping yo members out a little bit? I don't think so. Anyway, just on day off #6 here and heading back for the usual stretch of 8 days (should be 10 but had a stat and AV attached to this 4 day off stretch to = 6). 2 more shifts of work and we get to go to the mountains and do some vacationing with another couple. MUCH EXCITE! For now, let's do some blabbing and get it over with.


  • VHL, can you give us something somewhat similar to the Season Pass/Premium SBA has? I don't even need to fully cap 12/12 if this league is "cheaper" than the SBA, but damn... give me an option where I can provide some financial assistance to the league and then I don't have to write media spots for the season. Make that cost like.. $20 lmao. It's becoming worth it for me.
  • Seattle is doing good. There was a time this season when we were in last place. Now we're once again near the top running with the big boys (some). Team is having fun, everyone is playing good and all of that stuff. Happy Bears, strong Bears, winning Bears, again. Also, I've either hit or am very close to #1200GMWins
  • Just traded Kendrick for Jruutu. Bit of a big deal but we didn't mind. We have a lot of players leaving this season (which was planned), so don't mind moving some assets (when we have a good chunk) to assist the youth we brought in the previous season. S80 is a big draft, so we're excited for the Bears future with the likes of @SlapshotDragon @oilmandan and @jRuutu currently in the system. Next season, we'll also have a ton of cap available, so surely will be speaking with some free agents to have them be part of more special history with Seattle. 


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9 hours ago, Banackock said:

VHL, can you give us something somewhat similar to the Season Pass/Premium SBA has?

No, never, and for a bazillion reasons. 

Yeah there’s pay-to-win bs, putting anyone without credit card at a disadvantage, having the best players in the league be random unknowns because they don’t contribute to our forums, etc etc


At some point it’s like, we don’t even want your money. The league doesn’t cost *that* much to operate. We get by fine on the donations, and the donation rewards are pretty good for players. We’ve got a nice financial cushion where we can do nice things like giveaways (a Calgary Eichel jersey fong, really?!) but we absolutely do not want to get to the point of making profits. 

Time to learn how to podcast, talk for an hour, and claim for a month!

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1.  We also accept debit cards and PayPal. ... "putting anyone without credit card at a disadvantage"

2. Also waiting on the other bazillion reasons - I counted 2? ;)  ... "No, never, and for a bazillion reasons. 

3. One of the best players so far this season is @BOOM. I know what you're thinking..  "having the best players in the league be random unknowns 


Of course, just joking. It was mostly just word vomit to force a weekly task. Thanks for reading though . Enjoy yo Wednesday :) 

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