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Jardy's Chodesode #17: Driving to Suggestion Town


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I honestly don't swear too too much in this one I don't think.




Whale hello there! This week I discuss:

- Many personal details

- Teasing the Hecking Podcast #6

- Going over my likely suggestions for the suggestion drive

- Player Store things

- Forum games

- Mentorship program



@Yeeter @Zetterberg @frescoelmo  @Phil 


Casual Mentions:

@bigAL  @Ahma

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Being the owner of Davos has a nice ring to it... But would it be a good idea for a fanboy to own a team? I would absolutelu love it, sounds like fun. As long as there's not too much responsibility on the owner lol. I'd be a hands off type of owner too.


I agree the mentor program chould probably be brought back.

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1 hour ago, bigAL said:

Also, y’know how you learn a new word or sobering and then it just keeps popping up? At training today they showed us SpaceTeam and I was like “damn, jardy taught me about that this morning”

You’re saying I’m fit to train teachers??? That checks out!

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5 hours ago, frescoelmo said:

You're welcome


Sounds like you need to create a list


In Jard fashion, Lloydminster was, "Intended to be an exclusively British utopian settlement centered on the idea of sobriety".

Now it’s a utopia for rig pigs! Sobriety not included.

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10 hours ago, frescoelmo said:

which side do you lie on?  Sask or Alb

When I was staying there it was on the SK side. But I’d shop on the AB side because they don’t have provincial tax.

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