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Season 40 Entry Draft Rankings Holy SHL Batman


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I’ve been slacking lately and to all the Season 40 Draftees who look at this I apologize.  Also would like to apologize to the 2 non draftees that also take a look at this list and the one GM who uses it.  All I have to say in the two week break though is who hit the SHL Hive to make their members swarm around to the VHL?  I’m sure not all of these new prospects are SHLers but a lot of them seem to be as well as the new USFLers now that the league has died.

Since the end of the Season 39 Draft everyone has been talking about how great Season 40 is going to be.  Best draft since Season 27, 18, or whatever other year people have said around the board.  In sheer numbers there is no question this draft could literally go six rounds.  With 10 teams having nearly sixty prospects over 7 years and forty VHL Seasons is just insane.  The top of this draft definitely has the talent but are we going to be seeing this once in a lifetime active prospects through the third round?


The answer to that is unfortunately no.  The top end first round prospects and even depth in the second round COULD even be the best since the first draft ever.  The truth is though that we are not quite seeing the 20+ prospects doing weekly point tasks that it originally looked like we might have.  In the two week break we had sixteen prospects practice in some way or another.  Compare that to the 55+ in the draft and over a two week period sixteen isn’t so great.


This was also supposed to be the return to VHL forwards the usual domination of the draft class lately we’ve seen a lot of defenseman.  Over this two week period only seven forwards have practiced, one goalie, and eight defensemen.  Going back a few drafts now we might see a substantial shift in the VHL this generation.  We could have a surplus of defenseman, a deficiency of forwards, and with the number of good goaltending around the league scoring might be on the decline league wide.  Many teams have drafted best player available over need but those players will likely be open to switching positions to rectify the situation.


Getting back on task for the Season 40 Draft though approximately half of all prospects haven’t practiced yet in their attempt to get drafted.  To be fair to them though a lot are late joiners and might eventually pan out with a bunch of extra VHLM work.  The biggest issue I see though is the number of players who are in the 20-60 hour practice range that shot up so quick at the start of the season and now have kind of stayed there.  We have done an ever increasingly awesome job at recruiting new members and getting old members to return to us.  With the larger sample size we clearly see people are falling through the cracks for some reason.  Whether for person reasons or something the league is doing wrong we have a ton of new people that aren’t panning out.  The only solution?  Most of these new people must be Anderson!

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Well it looks like over 2 rounds of actives (remove some with double-digit TPE but add some recent entrants with 0 TPE) and by old standards that's around 3 rounds of actives. Which is unprecedented. At least since I joined.

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