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MegaBite Sized Berocka #1


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Hi All


Enjoy my new podcast




Question thread above


Players mentioned


@Spartan @JardyB10 @dasboot @BOOM @thadthrasher


My thoughts about the BoG in this podcast here



Edited by Berocka
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I for one would like to see you both fight to the death.


Also I love that you can hear magpies cawwing outside, in case we weren’t sure you were in Australia.


Anyway, this was good shit, your responses to questions felt thought our and concise, which I obviously contrast to myself. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

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7 hours ago, BOOM said:

When I get 22.52 to myself, I shall def listen. Looking forward to it.


Yes I quoted myself. I'm listening now.


Are you being held captive in the garage for this podcast? Click the mic twice for yes....


I have a song for you, but you aren't going to like it.


I'm going to copy your fantasy picks this season...I have faith in you.


Don't go to the dark side(VAN) 


Don't call me a bogan you fuckin snob!




Oooh, Fat Noodle. Ooh la la.


You guys need to readjust your favorite Aussie rankings....


Is your backyard a god damn bird sanctuary?


Good listen, would recommend. 



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- i like the name of your podcasts, i think they're clever

- re: vhfl & bog question - i am consistently impressed by how many ideas you have. like, you've written articles with like "some random ideas haha whatever!" and it's like ..... how do you do that. how do you get so many ideas. it makes your content interesting

- "surely you can't stand losing anymore" "uh, yes i can"

- love the sudden and aggressive beef with sales. great content

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