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Malmo make some moves


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Deal #1

    Malmo hasn't been super active at all in the trade department lately before a couple days ago. Once the GM transition happened, @Domg5 got straight to work. By the way welcome to the team Dom! Were all excited to have you and wish us all best of luck in the future together. Anywho, he moved D man Tui Sova to Los Angela’s for their S82 1st round pick. This trade did hurt a bit saying goodbye to a still young and so promising defender, coming off a clear breakout season. But I’m not the gm, and I’m sure he has his own vision. Of course, there’s a lot more to dissect once we look at the 2nd deal. It will be essentially making a best guess on Dom's vision. But since @hylands had to put up with all my opinions and speculation, Dom can too.😝


Deal #2

      Now for some action coming back to Malmo. Dom makes his second ever deal to acquire veteran D man Kristof Welch from DC. The return? None other then LA’s 1st round pick in S82. This is a trade Malmo fans should be excited about. Welch is coming off back to back 100+ point seasons from the blue line. So what do we make of these 2 deals? In short, it’s tough to say. Based on the rapidness of both deals. I would say deal 2 could have already been agreed upon before he even confirmed the Sova trade. Dom and Welch have spent some time together in the past I have heard, so that would make a lot of sense to why he went for this player. Comparing both Sova and Welch, Sova is a couple years younger, while Welch has shown to have a higher ceiling so far at least when it comes to individual performances. Sova does have 2 less years, so the real judgement of these 2 deals are yet to be determined. 

The Plan Longer Term

     This is where I get into the more real speculative, and dare I say conspiracy stuff. Last week I made an article saying that the new GM was gonna have to make a fairly quick decision. Stick with the S75’s till the end, or start shipping them off this and next year to lengthen out the core a few more years. So far, 2 deals have been made, and neither one was shipping out a S75 player. This could mean that Dom is thinking of going for it in a shorter but probably more competitive 2 years, but I will hold back for now as I can’t draw a conclusion based on his 2 deals so far. I respect the GM’s decision to surround himself with familiarity, and can’t wait to do whatever he needs me to do for him on and off the ice. 

       Malmo have a lot more to do in terms free agency, as well as internal resignings, so I expect this is just the start of what could be a very busy offseason for the Nighthawks. That’s all for this weeks media spot, till next week!



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Awesome read, it was easy to understand what you wanted to say  and the paragraphs were really understandable and title lets me quickly understand what it will be about. I guess it bugs me a little that 1 title is red and other 2 are in green, but these type of things just annoys me. I like to see others breakdown trades and it's interesting to read what other people, especially players, thinks about this trade and what it can do for the team. I liked how you added something from yourself in every paragraph.



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This was about Malmo - 10/10!


Seriously, you clearly laid out the deals and what it might mean for the Nighthawks along with your insider opinions and analysis. A title at the beginning and/or a graphic would help the aesthetics of the article but a good read nontheless! #NighthawksRising


Review:  9.85/10

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