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If you have a Reddit account you need to help us out. We need to use it to recruit again but the last time I did this people down voted it. Hell I think some from this site even down voted it. We need to juice this up and have our posts on steroids. So if you have a Reddit account, here are the places you need to UPVOTE and comment on! Leave a little blurp. If you don't have an account, create onesimply to help us out like Instagram!




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What is Reddit? Honestly, I have no clue.

It's like an online speed forum in a way. Different titles on different subjects pop up and people comment on them and like them or not to encourage more readers. Someone else probably has a better description.
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Yup, gotta love the people that say we should recruit on Reddit and then they don't help out when needed. Riggs, Molholt...where are you guys?

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After pestering people these are the responses:

"I don't have an account"

"I hate being on social media"

"I never go on reddit, so sorry"

This is why Reddit works well with the SHL, they actually take pride in recruiting other members and taking 2 seconds out of their schedule to up vote, comment or simply help out. I'm going to stop doing these as its a waste of my time to recruit or post the sites link. Glad so many take pride in this place when it counts.

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I am a Wade fan, but not LBJ. Maybe that's why we didn't work out in Cologne.

Im the same. I hate LBJ. You can be the Dana Barros to my Larry Bird.
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