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Dream Team of Players I Have Played With


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This is Will3, taking a break from my regularly scheduled article series to work on a theme week idea. A dream team, the best players in the world playing together. As cool an idea it is, lets put a twist on it. This is my 3rd season and I have played with some great plaers in my young career. Who would I put on a team togther? Let's put together a team of my former and current teammates. To clarify, I will only include players I played with in regular season play, no WJC teammates. This would include players who played S80 in Ottawa and S81 and S82 in Bratislava. Lets see who makes the team.


D Juice Box: @Siddhus: Remer this guy. I do. He provided experience and significant skill during Ottawa's S80 championship season. His 144 point season on the blue line was so helpful in the cup run we made that season. Currently he is a solid point producer wh currently has 43 points for London United. And I believe he has the potential to do more in the future.


D Max Torq @Steve: it is amazing how fast players grow up in this league. Last time I have checked up on him, he was a new D man who lifted the cup with me in S80. He decided to stick around in Ottawa and won a second cup. He then ascended straight to the VHL and is currently in his rookie season in Seattle. He is on a good start for a young player abd I look forward to seeing what else he can do.


C Finn Davis @M1nT: I can put a person friends on this list, right? His leadership and 119 points were critical to the S80 championship run. We would continue playing together in Bratislava where his is now. He has been a great friend and I will miss his in the VHL. 


RW Nils Godlander @Moon: Here is a more recent player I meet last season in Bratislava. Nils has always been a constant point producer no matter where he is be it the 91 points he produced last season or the 76 points and counting this years as a member of London United. He seems to succeed no matter the place which makes him a solid member to any team


LW Jason Coiner @JasonI am not arrogant enought to put myself on my own dream team. Jason started with me in Ottawa during S80. He has been solid during S81 and this year as a member of the Istanbul Red Wolves. I view Jason as an underrated player who will break out in time.


G Ed Nu @npuBeT: Alought he is best remembered for being the starting net minder for Ottawa last season, Ed actually started his career late into S80 as a backup. He developed into a championship winner next season and is now doing solid work in Istanbul. I believe the Ed will developed into a star player in the VHL.


That is my Dream Team. It is probably the worst dream team created during this theme week. But I just wanted to highlight some players not likely to be typically talked about this week or the rest of the season. It is  sometimes good to know something is paying attention to your actions. Makes you feel like you matter. I will be back next week to finish my analysis of the VHLM.  Look forward to it I wish everyone a pleasant week.

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