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S82 Team Asia Roster Announcement

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🌏   S82 Team Asia Roster Announcement   🌏


Hello everyone! I'm super glad to announce all of the players who have made the S82 WJC Team Asia! This wasn't an easy process, and even if you aren't listed on the team this year, I promise you there were many candidates and it took a long time to pick out the roster. Without further adew, let me announce to you your official S82 Team Asia Roster!




Left Wing: Jason Coiner @Jason

Left Wing: Phoebe Bridgers @GrittyIsKing

Left Wing: Sock Monkey @chikn


Center: Igor Molotov @Dom

Center: Eldon Escobar @TeeJay11
Center: Ivan Retoslav @eagle_3450


Right Wing: Jason Lajeunesse @ThatCanadian
Right Wing: Mikhail Lospenov @Gretzky didnt lift da puck
Right Wing: Svatopluk Puk @Otaznik




Left Defenseman: Mikhail Kovalchuk @Banackock

Left Defenseman: Dabnad Shaw @Dabnad


Right Defenseman: Sting Chameleon @Hybrid1486

Right Defenseman: Siyan Yasilievich @badcolethetitan




Starting Goalie: Boris Tsezar @comrade cat

Backup Goalie: Red Gaming @Lilpfigher



To all of the players listed above, please join the discord link so we can get you into our locker room! I have a great feeling about this team and I think we can go far in the tournament. Thanks again to @Ricer13 and @fonziGG for choosing me as a General Manager and let's make a splash in the tournament!


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/r948tge7qN



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1 minute ago, badcolethetitan said:

Who are you? kidding. You're too special to be announced, it would break the site.

True. One time I farted while on vhl gen voice chat and a planet exploded apparently

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