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Wildcard: Games 1 & 2

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I definitely wouldn’t say that was the start Davos wanted but hot damn Riga got shut down hard in game 2; Davis came back to play.

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22 hours ago, VHL Games said:


Game 1 under the bright lights of the playoffs for these two teams. HC Davos Dynamo trying to make a name for themselves after failing to make playoffs last season and Riga Reign trying to recreate their magic from last season of making it to the conference finals. Fans of the Dynamo will be happy to see their players take the ice at home since Season 81. Puck drop was electric as both Riga and Davos goalies were standing tall in the first period. No goals were scored with Davos leadings the shots 13-12. The intermission must have been a wakeup call for Riga as they came out swinging hard against Davos, scoring the only 5 goals of the game. Darth Kaprizov opens the scoring for Riga at just 33 seconds into the 2nd period. He[Kaprizov] keeps the ball rolling with another goal at 3:54 of the 2nd. Alex Johnston joins the party at 14:01 with Alexandre Leduc and Anze Miklavz not far behind scoring at 18:30 and 19:31 respectively. Shots took a lopsided turn after the 2nd with Riga outshooting Davos 26-4. After the 2nd period, the game was deprived of scoring. Alf Larsson and Vinny Detroit dropped the gloves to get a spark for Davos, but ended up burning out as the Dynamo failed to score on Tobias Reinhart. 3rd period shot totals were 15 for Riga and 7 for the Dynamo. David Davis was not pulled from the game. He stayed in the net and faced an astounding 53 shots but only saved 48 of them. Tobias Reinhart earned the first shutout of the playoffs with a 24 save game. Davos looks to rebound in game 2 in front of their home fans.

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Games 1 and 2 - Calgary Wranglers vs. Toronto Legion


The Wildcard for North America had an all-Canadian matchup. Toronto from the East, Calgary from the West. I know I did this whole all-Canadian segment in the last game reviews. Let's get to the action. This was a tight game as the winner ended up winning by 1 goal. And to illustrate how tight it was, the winner also only outshot the loser by 1 SOG. Wow. To start off this close game, Leandro Goncalves scored the first goal of the playoffs just over seven minutes in to give Calgary the lead. That would be the only goal of the period, showing how tight the game would prove to be. At the beginning of the second however, Leandro Goncalves scored for Calgary yet again to extend their lead to 2. However, Matty Fire scored to cut the deficit to one for Toronto. That was the only goal of the second frame and going into the second intermission, the game was 2-1 in favour of Calgary. The third started with Calgary trying to keep their lead and Toronto attempting to eliminate it. The latter was successful as Kyle Peace scored just over 3 minutes in to tie the game up. Now, like I mentioned earlier, the SOG and goal difference between the winner and loser was 1 for both. So who would take the one shot that would secure the win? 6 minutes after Peace's goal, we found out. Saku Kotkakoivu took a pass from Erlantz Jokinen and scored. Calgary was able to shut down Toronto's offence for the rest of the game and won it, 3-2.


Calgary and Toronto was a rivalry that wasn't expected but that has VHL fans watching despite it being the Wildcard round. This one had to be decided in overtime but the loser had the better shot on goal count by 13. A heartbreaker for that team for sure. To start the game, we had 6 goals in the first period alone. A minute in, Paul Atreides scored on the power play to give Toronto their first lead of the series. Matty Fire soon followed up with a goal from his own (assisted by Atreides) to extend that lead. Toronto looked to get a quick start and was hoping to run with it. Luc Tessier would not allow the Wranglers to fall behind too heavily and scored just before the 5 minute mark in order to cut the lead to one. Toronto responded by extending the lead back to two, Cadmael Ixazaluoh putting the puck in the net for them. This time, however, a Calgary power play lead to a Calgary goal with AirRig GoodBrandSun (whose name notably sounds like NHL d-man Erik Gudbrandson) bringing Calgary within one again. Looking to tie it up, Calgary was successful as Luc Tessier scored his second of the game to tie it up 3-3. All that action yet at the end of the first period, the teams were right back where they started. No goals took place in the second, both teams settling down. Then in the third, Paul Atreides scored his second of the game to give Toronto the lead back. However, Leandro Goncalves scored for Calgary to tie it again. Going into overtime, both teams where doing what they could to get the winner. The first overtime came and went. Then the second began. Saku Kotkakoivu received a pass from Landon Wolanin. Saku wouldn't miss and scored the game winner for Calgary, giving them a 2-0 series lead in the Wildcard.

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