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S41 VHLM Draft Lottery

Fire Tortorella

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How is Bratislava a cup contender while having the 1st and 3rd ovr pick AND having traded one off?  :blink: #conspiracy


They were forced to trade off a 1st round pick because of the new rule limiting the number of selections in the first round.


If you look back through past VHLM Drafts, you'll notice that there seem to usually be 1 or 2 teams that have a large amount of draft picks each draft. These teams were strong at one point, then after competing, they traded off their assets (both players and draft picks) in order to stock up in later years. This is no different than a regular cycle in the VHL (or the best real life example would be the CHL), but the cycles happen very fast in the VHLM.


We're also continuing to put in new rules to hopefully curb how extreme these cycles go, so teams are less "all-in" and outrageous tanking is less advantageous.

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