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My draft history

probably not noah

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Gifford Shock is my fifth player in the VHL, and thus far he's shaping out to be my best in terms of draft rank and TPE. Here's an outline of my previous players and their draft day TPE.


James Lefevre- Undrafted (S32) 

I was Seattle's GM so I wasn't put into the draft. I can't really say what my TPE would have been draft day, but I think it would have been around 150-175 at my highest estimate. In all likelihood I think he would have been my highest picked player before Shock. I think at the time he probably would have cracked the top 5. 


Nikolai Lebedev- S24 7th overall, 129 TPE

Far and away my most statistically successful player, Lebedev was a member of a draft that looked strong, but ended up being far weaker by the time all was said and done. In hindsight, Lebedev should have gone much higher given how he panned out. 


Syd Drayson- S17, 5th overall, 133 TPE

Drayson was the highest pick of my VHL career, but sits 30 TPE behind where Shock is now. Drayson had a mildly successful career and went about where he should have in his draft. 


Noah LefevreS10, 8th overall, 60 TPE

I entered the league around the time that many of the original members were in their second generation of players. Lefevre impressed and was drafted with the last pick of the first round. He went on to have a great career as a defensive defenseman, and probably could have gone a few spots higher.


So basically these are my other people. If you take away quadruples week, Shock's draft day numbers will look pretty similar to Lebedev and Drayson, but he's projecting to be my highest pick yet. 




Yeah that's about it.

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Guess that means this draft is shit. Or the power of boners Shock is stronger.

lol remember Nikolai's retard brother Nikita? That was a funny moment..

lol the man with no imagination. That player was originally called Ron Dayne III. Not to mention his endless SHL players with VHL last names.
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