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S41 Graphics Rankings Week 1 Challenge


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Week 1 submission will run from Tuesday January 20th to Friday January 30th @ 11:59PM PST. 


*You must PM your submission to me before the deadline any late submissions won't be counted. 


The style of this tournament will be going off overall votes. Each poll will give members the option to vote for more then one banner as well. 


Your Task:


Create a SITE BANNER for either the red vhl or S40 anniversary skins.


There is no theme for this assignment, all submissions will have their own creative twist. 


Dimensions - Creative freedom! 



Frank - Received.

Boubabi - Not yet received.

Bojo - Not yet received.

H1CKEY - Received.

Molholt - Not yet received.

Brovy - Not yet received.

Kendrick - Received.

Noah!! - Received.

solas - Received.

Jackim - Received.

Wasty - Not yet received.

Enigma - Not yet received.

Bojo - Not yet received.

BluesBoy71 - Received.

alfie fornever - Received. 

STZ - Not yet received. 

Mr.Baller - Not yet received

Jamie - Received.

Bushito - Received. 

Edited by Frank
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