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2013/14 NBA Discussion


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hoping Portland or raptors loose big time this year and get wiggins tho. Portland, so I can watch him, Raps cause they need a star.

Do you see them in person? Or just see a lot of TV. Cause I like the Trailblazers too

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Friends and I always plan to go down but it gets wrecked last minute. But one of these days we'll go. Also Trailblazers and Raps games do get played on TV a lot here too. Kinda like how Seattle games played often when they were here.

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Gotta feel bad for D Rose, sucks to be him right now


His bank balance says otherwise.



CHICAGO playmaker Derrick Rose underwent successful right knee surgery Monday morning to repair a torn medial meniscus and will miss the remainder of the NBA season, the Bulls announced.

Rose, the 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player who missed all of last season with a torn left knee ligament, injured his right knee Friday in the third quarter of Chicago's 98-95 loss at Portland.

The 25-year-old guard had hoped he might be able to return at some point this season even after learning the severity of the injury on Saturday.

But Rose was ruled out for the rest of the campaign after surgery was performed by team doctors Brian Cole and Chuck Bush Joseph at Rush University Medical Center.

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Pretty solid deal at least on my end, helps recollect and prepare for FA next season...  The draft picks will be nice to build a solid supporting cast down the road.

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